Doubt Street Changes

January 14, 2021 · Fallen London

Today, we are making a few changes to Doubt Street: The various Doubt Street opportunity cards have been retired. Players with certain endgame traits will now find new branches in various Doubt Street storylets which allow them to gain more of a specific type of copy. Rewards for the standard newspaper editions (and the Seditious […]

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The Clay Highwayman

January 12, 2021 · Fallen London

“… you dutifully record what you’ve uncovered, along with even more implausible rumours: That his Beast is Clay at heart, but covered in iron. That he once fell in love – With a Londoner? A tomb-colonist? Another Clay Man? A zee-beast? – and wandered the Zee to find this lover. That everything he says are […]

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Exceptional Story for January: Caveat Emptor

December 31, 2020 · Exceptional Friendship Fallen London

A notorious Vicomte is buying property across London. Now he has an eye on your address – and potentially your neck. Navigate the estate market, infiltrate secret lairs, and learn how to deal with a truly blood-sucking landlord. Written by Chandler Groover Art by Tobias Cook Editing and QA: James Chew & Olivia Wood In addition to […]

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Snow in Fallen London

December 8, 2020 · Fallen London

Ammoniac vapours rise around you as your spade bites into the snow. As you inhale them, your breath quickens… So-called snow is falling in Fallen London! Starting today, Time, the Healer will bring ‘snow’ to doorsteps across London. You’ll need to dig your door out before you can get into your lodgings, or find someone […]

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We’re hiring! Senior Gameplay Programmer

December 2, 2020 · Jobs

Update: we’ve now extended the application deadline until 9am on Monday 18th January. We’re Failbetter Games, makers of Sunless Skies, Sunless Sea, Mask of the Rose and Fallen London. We’re looking for a senior gameplay programmer to work with us on an unannounced project. This position is full-time, permanent, and remote. In this role, your […]

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Advent in Fallen London, 1898

December 1, 2020 · Fallen London

Christmas approaches, bringing questionable snow and hooded visitors. Stay in, and burn a candle with us! The Fallen London Advent Calendar From today until the 25th of December we’ll be handing out advent treats via the Fallen London Advent Calendar. Each window will give you a snippet of Yuley narrative, and something besides: trinkets, magpie-treasures, […]

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Exceptional Story for December: The Icarian Cup

November 26, 2020 · Exceptional Friendship Fallen London

The Icarian Cup returns to London! A daring boat race around the Southern Archipelago, the prize a magnificent trophy (and a bounty of sapphires)! Pay no mind to the talk about the race being ‘cursed’ and ‘ships disappearing’ or ‘the race was closed in 1868 after too many captains disappeared’. All that matters is that […]

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November 24, 2020 · Fallen London

A Probationary Professor is looking for assistants for a perilous venture. Inspired by the fever for palaeontology and armed with a doctorate on the ritual practices of the Starved Men, she’s looking to lead an expedition to the cavern roof.  Upwards is a Fate-locked story that allows you to accompany a Probationary Professor who has […]

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