Advent in Fallen London, 1898

December 1, 2020 · Fallen London

Christmas approaches, bringing questionable snow and hooded visitors. Stay in, and burn a candle with us! The Fallen London Advent Calendar From today until the 25th of December we’ll be handing out advent treats via the Fallen London Advent Calendar. Each window will give you a snippet of Yuley narrative, and something besides: trinkets, magpie-treasures, […]

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Exceptional Story for December: The Icarian Cup

November 26, 2020 · Exceptional Friendship Fallen London

The Icarian Cup returns to London! A daring boat race around the Southern Archipelago, the prize a magnificent trophy (and a bounty of sapphires)! Pay no mind to the talk about the race being ‘cursed’ and ‘ships disappearing’ or ‘the race was closed in 1868 after too many captains disappeared’. All that matters is that […]

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November 24, 2020 · Fallen London

A Probationary Professor is looking for assistants for a perilous venture. Inspired by the fever for palaeontology and armed with a doctorate on the ritual practices of the Starved Men, she’s looking to lead an expedition to the cavern roof.  Upwards is a Fate-locked story that allows you to accompany a Probationary Professor who has […]

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November 19, 2020 · Fallen London

A lone hill commands the once green pastures of Burrow-Infra-Mump. At its peak sits the ruin of a lonely Saxon church. On the Surface, wind would whistle through the empty arches and up the broken tower. Here, the church is silent. Beyond the hill are the battlefields of Hell. This ruined church is the last […]

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Upcoming Balance Changes to Fallen London

October 28, 2020 · Fallen London

Hello, delicious friends. Can you believe it’s already October? Fallen London has grown enormously over the past year. In late November or early December, when you are all catching your breath after encountering all the new stories, and we are catching our breath after building them, we will be making a number of significant balance […]

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Hallowmas 1898

October 26, 2020 · Fallen London

A damp fog fills London’s streets. Londoners of all stripes lurk in its concealment: masked, cloaked, triply hidden. It is the season of Hallowmas, of the commission and purging of sin. Londoners seek out the Attendants – the masked representatives of the Bazaar – to be shriven. Hallowmas has returned to London! The Feast of […]

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Station VIII

October 22, 2020 · Fallen London

Factory VIII is a monstrosity of brick and glass, its towering walls and high up windows lending it the air of a prison. The factory does not produce the foul coal stench of those in London, instead it emits bright clouds of pungent scents – which occasionally bring passers-by to tears. It is now possible […]

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Metempsychosis, or Meeting Your End

October 19, 2020 · Fallen London

 This year we’ve completed the Ambition storylines in Fallen London, each of which represents a high point of your character’s journey in the Neath; the reason they came in the first place. For the players who’ve reached that resolution, what comes next? One of the answers here, of course, is “build a railway.” That’s the […]

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October 8, 2020 · Fallen London

Beyond the station you can see a vista of faded tranquillity. A long park gently descends to a rushing river, over which spans a sturdy, stone bridge. On the far side is a huddled hamlet of picturesque cottages in Edinburgh stone. On the near side of the bridge is a tall collection of handsome grey-stone […]

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