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A first look at Zubmariner

Hello, delicious friends!

We’re working on our first piece of DLC for Sunless Sea, Zubmariner. We're now ready to share some glimpses of the world beneath the Unterzee. We’re a bit giddy. Hold our clammy hand, would you?

Below the waves

Beneath the water, as above, you’ll find a number of story-laden ports to visit and zee-beasts to encounter.

Wrack, the City of Delights

One such port is the underwater city of Wrack: an arbour of shipwrecks, where the flesh of kelp brings intoxication.

Wrack_largeConcept art for Wrack (click any image for a bigger version)

The Thalatte

Thalatte_largeConcept art for the Thalatte

The Thalatte is an exposed-looking collection of wattled and shining organs, like a half-completed vivisection, with a fanged orifice at the front. This orifice applies a force which draws your Zubmarine towards it. The Thalatte can move rapidly, ram, and expectorate gobbets of vile fluid.

Lights in the darkness

Your Zubmarine’s prow light can’t match the oppressive darkness. Things lurk outside of its beam. Some of them are glowing. Some of them aren’t.

These screenshots are early ideas of how the seabed will look, and the kinds of things you might encounter:

screenshot_somethingoutthereA bio-luminescent zee-beast


Glowing coral


We hope this taste has whetted your appetite! Please tell us what you think in the comments. What are you looking forward to? What would you like to know more about? Wait - what was that, overhead?

Your friends,

Failbetter Games

P.S. The Gamers Edition print of Demeaux’s Navigational Chart of the Known Unterzee has sold out! If there’s enough demand we’re hoping to get another run done by Christmas. There will be regular news about any reprints on twitter @failbettergames.

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