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A New Living World Event: The Ravenous Lifeberg


The entire front page of The Unexpurgated Gazette is dominated by a story paid for by the Admiralty. A lifeberg of unusual size and appetite has been spotted in the Salt Steppe, and appears to be headed for the city. Peppered amidst descriptions of the lifeberg's indiscriminate eating habits are exhortations to 'JOIN THE CITIZENS' ARMADA' and 'DO YOUR PART'. Aren’t threats like this what the Admiralty is for?

Today we’re launching a new living world event, available to all players with their own ship and a point of Monstrous Anatomy. In the face of imminent consumption by hungry geography, the Admiralty has issued a plea: join the Citizen’s Armada, and take up arms against the lifeberg threat! Track the homicidal mountain across the zee; gather riches from the wrecks left in its wake; chip away at its icy slopes as part of this ramshackle new naval force.

The Ravenous Lifeberg is colossal and relentless – far too large for any one ship to take on alone. Successful hunts will only damage it, diminishing its bulk. It will take concerted effort from a great many captains to bring it down – and all the while, it will be approaching London. Repeated acts of nautical derring-do may even earn you the recognition of the Admiralty, which, should the city survive this crisis, may be traded for material rewards.

Track the Ravenous Lifeberg from ‘Hunting the Beasts of the Zee’, accessible from the Cabin aboard your ship, or read about its progress in The Unexpurgated Gazette in your Lodgings. The event will run until the lifeberg is destroyed, with rewards from the Admiralty available afterwards in Wolfstack Docks.