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Here’s BLEMMIGAN! This toothsome little patch addresses some saving and loading issues, as well as problems with zee-beast AI and bizarre behavior with civilian ships, plus a number of other small improvements throughout the game.

  • The game should now remember your position within a chain of stories. If you exit the game halfway through a chain, the next time you load that save file you will be returned to that point in the chain.
  • The 'Full Power' button icon on the hotkey bar has now been changed to an image that makes it clearer that it is related to engines, rather than attack power.
  • Combat attacks that target supplies no longer claim to be affecting crew and now give the correct warning in the log book.
  • Players experiencing issues with the tutorial system should now be able to continue their save games with pre-launch captains.
  • People playing on monitors that Unity does not natively support should no longer experience issues when going to the video options page.
  • The horn should now be usable multiple times per play session.
  • You should now be able to re-open a story by clicking on the preview button the bottom right hand corner, even if it was the last story you were viewing before closing the gazetteer.
  • Various improvements with the way in which game saving is handled to eliminate edge cases that prevented you being able to load back into the save.
  • Zee-beasts now have improved AI, preventing you from remaining in their blind spot behind them without them being able to spot you. In addition, ramming behavior has been improved to make it harder to avoid attacks.
  • Quality and story images now have additional caching added to them in order to address performance issues.
  • HUD updates have been re-worked in order to address performance issues.
  • Civilian ships should no longer pop in and out of nowhere, but rather should behave in the same manner as hostile vessels. Except they won't attack you.
  • The bats in Fallen London should no longer fly under your boat.
  • Using an item in combat, then switching to your hold, will no longer reset the item's cooldown.
  • Losing your Lump of Blue Scintillack should now result in it becoming unavailable in combat.
  • An issue preventing a hidden Steam achievement from firing should now be resolved…
  • The copy on the manual save button has been fixed to prevent it from being cut off.
  • Receiving the same mini story snippet from a member of your crew twice in a row will no longer prevent you from getting the quality changes the second time around

A number of the performance improvements in this patch should help reduce the framerate issue. Most of our team will be at GDC next week, so you can expect to see MAGELLAN soon after we return.
As ever, we feast greedily upon your bug reports. Please send them to