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A lone hill commands the once green pastures of Burrow-Infra-Mump. At its peak sits the ruin of a lonely Saxon church. On the Surface, wind would whistle through the empty arches and up the broken tower. Here, the church is silent.

Beyond the hill are the battlefields of Hell. This ruined church is the last outpost before the devils' domain

It is now possible to build the station for Burrow-Infra-Mump, the latest development in the formation of the Great Hellbound Railway Company, London’s new railway line to Hell’s Hinterlands. The station is an abandoned church you can rebuild with the assistance of a mysterious new faith.

You’ll get to decide how the church is run, recruiting a Parish council from a range of new and familiar characters. Your decisions will include choosing the saint the church is dedicated to, the way the church is decorated and what to do about the entity that lives underneath the crypts.

These decisions will shape the church’s overall ideology. Once the church is complete, the Bishop of Southwark will come and inspect it, determining the ultimate fate of your church in the hinterlands.