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Christmas in Fallen London

Fallen London rings in another year. Christmastide – and the customary covering of 'snow' – is set to fall upon the city once more.

The Fallen London Advent Calendar

From today until the 25th of December we’ll be handing out advent treats via the Fallen London Advent Calendar.

Each window will give you a snippet of Yuley narrative, and something besides: trinkets, magpie-treasures, and occasionally, something rare.

Each will expire after a minimum of 24 hours; so collect them swiftly.

Christmas Cards

Tell your friends you are thinking of them this festive season. (Don’t tell them what you are thinking of them.) Neathy Christmas cards are now available in four designs, with room for your own message!

Your stock of cards will be replenished weekly by Time, the Healer, from noon on the 2nd of December.

You need to be acquaintances with another player before you can send them a Christmas card. Attend to Matters of Society in your Lodgings, where you can send a calling card to a contact to make their acquaintance.

Find friends to exchange cards with on our forums, the Fallen London subreddit, or the Official Failbetter Discord.

We hope you have a happy – or at least interesting – festive season in the Fifth City.