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Exceptional Story for April: There is the Richest Juice in Poison-Flowers

"The spadix swells as it tastes air for the first time. Waves of yellow, orange and black ripple beneath its surface. Then the smell hits you: fresh-cut grass. An orchard on a summer's day. Ripe fruit slick with tropical rain."

There is a plant on the Surface that blooms but once every ten years. Somehow, a Sun-touched Gardener has not only brought it down to the Neath – he has also kept it alive, and thriving. Now, at last, it is time for it to flower. But why is it being kept in a poison-garden? And who are the mystery buyers who mean to keep the plant for themselves? All will be illuminated, when the poison-flower blooms. 


All Exceptional Friends receive:

  • A new Exceptional Story every month
  • Memories of a Tale from each story to spend on exclusive companions and items
  • A second candle (up to 40 actions at once)
  • An expanded opportunity deck: ten cards instead of six
  • Three additional outfit slots
  • Access to the House of Chimes, including monthly gameplay perks

Enhanced Exceptional Friends receive all of the above, plus:

  • A past story, or two resets of stories you’ve played from a monthly menu
  • Memories of a Tale from every past story or reset
  • Extra monthly perks in the House of Chimes
  • Three seven-action refreshes per month