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Exceptional Story for March: Slobgollion

Rubbery Men don't take the slow boat. Wherever they go after death, none have ever returned to life – until now.

Investigate the case of Mr Martin McIntosh, the subject of the first Rubbery resurrection. Get to know the bodies in Concord Square's morgue, and delve into the Fifth City's illegal amber trade. What secrets lurk beyond the grave? And what in the world does 'slobgollion' mean?


All Exceptional Friends receive:

  • A new Exceptional Story every month
  • Memories of a Tale from each story to spend on exclusive companions and items
  • A second candle (up to 40 actions at once)
  • An expanded opportunity deck: ten cards instead of six
  • Three additional outfit slots
  • Access to the House of Chimes, including monthly gameplay perks

Enhanced Exceptional Friends receive all of the above, plus:

  • A past story, or two resets of stories you’ve played from a monthly menu
  • Memories of a Tale from every past story or reset
  • Extra monthly perks in the House of Chimes
  • Three seven-action refreshes per month