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F.F. Gebrandt's Prelapsarian Exhibition

F.F. Gebrandt CORDIALLY INVITES All Londoners to participate in the Raising of a New Museum of Prelapsarian History & accompanying Exhibition, to put on Display Curiosities Historical, Palaeontological, & Philosophical.

F.F. Gebrandt’s Prelapsarian Exhibition is 2022’s summer event in Fallen London, beginning on 25th July. It’s a free, limited-time event, open to players of all levels.

It comes with a brand-new story taking place over the course of the event, unique collaborative mechanics, new items to collect, and some new permanent additions to London – including Gebrandt’s Museum of Prelapsarian History itself.

Come help transform an abandoned estate into a museum! Come help populate the museum with fascinating new exhibits!

We won’t go into full detail about what’s in store – other than to say there will be surprises.

What has changed since last year’s summer event?

Last year’s summer event, Mr Chimes’ Grand Clearing-Out, was our first stand-alone summer event since retiring Fallen London’s Elections. It was a very successful experiment, and we want to keep experimenting with new event formats.

F.F. Gebrandt’s Prelapsarian Exhibition contains an entirely different story; it’s another collaborative event, but it will play out quite differently as the festival progresses. 

A major change this year is the introduction of Estival Tokens, a currency that replaces last years’ Chthonic Scrip. Unlike scrip, tokens will carry forward into next year’s summer event if you don’t spend them. You’ll get 30 to start with, and the ability to purchase more for Fate. In addition to the back catalogue of Grand Clearing Out and Election items, there are five new Estival Token items to collect, and several new items obtained from this event through other means.

Collaborative mechanics, you say? 

You’ll be working alongside the other players to add a new location and new stories to London. 

FF Gebrandt’s Prelapsarian Exhibition will focus on making additions to existing activities, more so than on adding all-new activities. There are four such additions in all – which will be revealed over the course of the event.

What’s in the museum?

The new Prelapsarian Museum area will be a permanent addition to Veilgarden, open to all. Once it is completed, it will contain several interesting exhibits, including a new way to use bones to engage in palaeontology of a more reputable kind. 

How long will the event last? 

We did some maths and we have no idea. Probably more than a week and less than two? The event will continue for a few days after its main story is finished to give players a chance to play through the story and collect rewards.

If you miss out entirely, a shadow of a memory of events like these will eventually appear in the Waswood. This will allow you to revisit the story and obtain some of the event’s items.

We hope you’ll enjoy this year’s event, and the new Museum afterwards – whether you’re a dinosaur connoisseur examining the bones in the Natural History wing, looking at the Egyptological displays at the very back end of the Archaeology section, or more interested in the marvels of the Science Exhibits…