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Fallen London is a vast living thing, like a coral reef. Like a coral reef, it's always changing. It's rare for a week to pass without an additional bit of story or a mechanical change, and it can be easy to overlook those changes. So we're going to have a go at change notes, from month to month! We won't identify every bug fix, but we do want to point out the things people will find interesting.

The Feast of the Exceptional Rose: A bouquet of content themed around love, desire, rivalry and revenge. Long-time players will have seen much of this already, but this year we've added more inter-player romance options - all the way up to marriages! - and a double handful of premium gifts and pets for the romantically inclined. And this year, we'll be unveiling a little more of the mystery of the Lady in Lilac.

Other changes include...

Those with a University Endowment may now traduce the college of their choice, altering the balance of favour. This fixes an issue where players could lock themselves out of getting a Salon if they'd been banned from the University while out of favour.

It is now possible to gift a friend with a point of Notability. This is a good way to get started on the higher ladders of social mobility in London, since Slowcake's Exceptionals won't know who you are until then.

We have some charming new tabs. Now that the departing Mysteries tab has left a space...

We now provide a snippet of weekly content. This is experimental - currently it's just something I put together on Saturday morning over a lengthy coffee - but it's an additional little content reward for enthusiastic players. So far, we've seen a punchable moustache, a chess-playing ape, and a voracious dining-club. If you miss any, they'll come round again next year. :-)

If you are weary of ravensong, the Bazaar will now purchase any and all raven advisors. Ravens can be promoted to more impressive ravens, and some people ended up with more ravens than they actually needed for any sane or insane purpose, and no way to get rid of them.

Inventory items are now ordered more consistently by value. This is one of those long-running nuisances that Adam found time to tidy up.

If you value multiplicity over unity, you may now split a Fabulous Diamond into many Magnificent Diamonds. We noticed that Magnificent Diamonds can be tricky to obtain, even for wealthy players, and you may need one for your wedding if you want suitably magnificent nuptials.

Associating with certain factions is now likely to affect your Quirks. The Church is Austere but not Hedonist, while the Bohemians are the opposite. The Great Game is Subtle but not Steadfast, and the Urchins are Daring but not Melancholy. You'll notice Quirks are generally becoming more relevant again.

The Tomb-Colonies have been substantially expanded; and now include a choice between Hedonism and Austerity. This addresses an imbalance where the change in action models made it too easy to leave, but I'd been wanting to expand the tomb-colonies a bit for a while.

Unfinished Business is now a little more predictable in its rewards. They're still random, but no more 1-penny rewards for 5-action investments.

Gifts of Scorn are limited in their effects. Sorry, folks! We had to tone them down - the Wheel of Affection which gave them was absurdly effective otherwise.

Rose-Bearing Maggots may now be fed. Although they're picky.

Numerous Goats have been given numerous art upgrades. You'll know them when you see them.

The early Clathermont content has been rationalised - to make it easier to find and traverse. There's a reason that's happening this month...