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Fallen London Reworks

Delicious friends, over the coming months, we have exciting plans for Fallen London. As we alluded to in the last FBG Podcast, we have been working on a special Fallen London project, which we’re delighted to now announce.

A dedicated team of Cash (writing and design), Sam (tech), and Caolain (analytics and design) have already begun work. Their remit: to address a range of Fallen London content and systems that have been awaiting development. Systems we've wanted to expand. Stories we want to finish.

Some of their work will take place behind the scenes, improving our tools for writing Fallen London content. Much of it, however, will take centre stage. We've deliberated what's possible development-wise within 2017, and what will be most delectable to you, our players.

The team's priorities include continuations of some of Fallen London's most long-awaited stories. The Cheery Man and the Last Constable. The Dilmun Club. A Return to the Empress' Court. And - dare we say it? - the next chapter in the Light Fingers ambition!

To begin with, we’ll be continuing to add new factions to the Favour/Renown system, including prestigious new items to be earned from the Constables and Hell. Perhaps you'd like to be belt out a Hellish Hymn, or be one of the few who knows about the Place Where they Bury the Bodies. We'll also be releasing an expansion to the social content available through your Lodgings, taking advantage of some changes in the technology that governs social acts.

The project is scheduled to last for much of the rest of year. It will take place in addition to our regular release of Exceptional Stories and seasonal events (who will run for mayor of Fallen London this year, we wonder? Rumour has it we'll be seeing our first bandaged candidate...), so please bear with us. Throughout the process, we’ll be sure to keep informed with what we’ve been up to and will also be interested to hear your feedback as each update goes live!