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Fallen London Sponsors the Kitschies

Fallen London, Sunless Sea and our other work are all fruits of the interactive fiction tree, or, possibly, beasts which have grown vast and hungry in the bosky nooks of the digital storytelling forest. But more than that, our debt to literature has always been deep - we've talked elsewhere about how much we owe to everyone from Jack Vance to Ann Radcliffe to Lemony Snicket. So we're delighted, as we announced yesterday, to be sponsoring the Kitschies, which we like to think of as SF/F's answer to the Sundance Awards.

The Kitschies grew from an effort to raise the tone of the conversation about SF/F - traditional fiction and now, this year, digital fiction too. We enthusiastically embrace their desire to reward work which is

Progressive... now more than ever, this is vital. Gaming and SF/F are both in an exciting place - we're re-examining decades of unthinking prejudice.

Intelligent... We're also proud to champion the unexpected, the insightful and the reflective.

Entertaining... Experimentation is essential. But telling a good story well is just as important.

Tentacles... Flexible, mobile, elongated, versatile, resilient and fundamentally hydrostatic, tentacles unite animals from an astonishing variety of classes and orders. We are delighted to recognise the exercise and advancement of tentacles in all their forms.

This is all really cool. We're overjoyed to be able to pay back some slime into the pit that spawned us. If you want to submit entries to the Kitschies - traditional fiction or anything digital, including games and interactive fiction - here's how to do it. Submissions are open from now until 1st December, and the Tentacle trophies are enhanced by actual cash money. Good luck!