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Hi everyone. From today (Thursday 16th August) we will stop selling Fate in Fallen London. Instead, we'd like to introduce you to the Nex, a new currency that you can use in Fallen London - and in all other games on our forthcoming StoryNexus platform. First things first: your existing Fate is still worth what you paid for it, and always will be. If you currently have any Fate, then you can spend it in Fallen London as normal. We'll always use up your Fate before we use up any of your Nex.

Why Nex?

Very soon, Fallen London will be just one of many games on our StoryNexus platform. You can use Nex in any of those to buy premium choices and extra actions and whatnot.

But what about my Fate? I have a stack of it!

Don't worry, you can still use it! But only in Fallen London. In Fallen London you can spend either Nex or Fate to get stuff. In all our other games you can only spend Nex to get stuff.

Does Nex cost more than Fate?

No, the prices are identical.

Is my Fate worth less?

No. It will buy exactly what it always did in Fallen London. It won't buy anything anywhere else.

Is my Fate going away?

Only when you spend it, as usual.

What if I have some Fate and some Nex?

When you buy a premium option in FL, we'll always charge you Fate first, if you have any. When that's gone you can pay for the rest with Nex. if I have 40 Fate and 40 Nex and I want to buy an option that costs 20...

We'll charge you 20 Fate and 0 Nex.

..but if I have 40 Fate and 40 Nex and I want to buy an option that costs 50...

...we'll charge you 40 Fate and 10 Nex.

My God, you've thought of everything!

We probably haven't. But ask questions in the comments section and we'll answer.

Why have you done all this? Fate was working fine. Couldn't you just use that as a cross-game currency?

We'd have liked to. BUT we've been giving out occasional bits of Fate for years, for significant story conclusions or compensations for that one time we lost some user data. There's a lot of it sloshing around the system, and you can still get free Fate here and there in Fallen London.

Now, StoryNexus will be an open platform - creators will be able to charge for their content. And although we take a cut, the majority of the revenue from currency spent in their games will go to them.

So if we made Fate our main currency, then - for instance - an unscrupulous creator could create a hundred Fallen London accounts, stack them up with starting free Fate, then go and spend that Fate on their game. And suddenly we would owe them a stack of cash for their share of 'currency spent in game.'


Our exact reaction.

So can you sum up?

Nex is more useful than Fate, because you can spend it in any StoryNexus game.

Fate is worth the same as it was, because you can still spend it in Fallen London. (Think of it as a bit like FL-specific gift tokens.)

You can't buy Fate from tomorrow, but Nex is just as good as Fate in Fallen London, and Nex is the exact same price as Fate used to be.

StoryNexus is coming very soon.

All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.