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Coming Soon to Fallen London

Hello again, delicious friends. It has been some time since our last roadmap blog, and we know you’ve been expecting news about what’s coming next for Fallen London. Here’s what we are currently planning for:


9th May - 20th May

Whitsun is a yearly festival of eggs and egg hatching – featuring an array of curious companions to collect.

The new Pelagic Egg comes with new abominations of the dark to hatch and keep as pets. We plan to rotate which eggs cost Ha’Pennies and which are free each year, so that there are two egg types each year available without spending ha’pennies. This year, Aged Eggs and Percipient Eggs will cost a ha’penny, while Scarlet Eggs and the new Pelagic Egg will not.

Starting this year, we are also changing the Fate cost of ha’pennies. All players will still get three ha’pennies to start, as in previous years. Subsequently, you will be able to buy individual ha'pennies for 10 Fate each, rather than 12 Fate. The cost of buying 5 ha’pennies remains unchanged, at 50 Fate. Buying 18 ha’pennies still benefits from a bulk discount, at 120 Fate.

Professional Activities

Starting 26th May

New Profession-specific activities are coming to Fallen London! This will be a series of free updates for all of those who have obtained an endgame profession. Each activity is a small self-contained wheel designed to give those professions a richer flavour, and to help mid-game players bridge the gap between becoming a Person of Some Importance and beginning the Railway.

Expect each of these activities to have all-unique content but be similar in structure and mechanics. We plan on doing one for each of the endgame professions: Correspondent, Licentiate, Monster-Hunter, Midnighter, SIlverer, and Crooked-Cross. Expect the first one to launch on 26th May, with the remainder coming out at a pace of roughly one every month.

Silverers will get the first crack at this: Repair memory palaces, extricate treasures from dreams, and become an Oneirotect or an Ontological Cartographer.

A New Story Arc

Late June or early August

This is a new, serialised story, free for all players and similar in format to Furnace’s storyline from the Railway, with new chapters coming out over the course of the next year or so.

We aren’t ready to share many details yet; expect a more comprehensive announcement post sometime after Whitsun. But we can say three things:

  • The new story will take you to various locales across the Unterzee – some previously seen in Fallen London or in Sunless Sea, some new.

  • The new story will carry on some of the themes and ideas that were to be explored in Metempsychosis before that was cancelled.

  • The new story will be available to midgame players who have acquired a ship, earlier in game progression than the Railway.

New Zee Islands

Starting in Q3

New exotic locales to visit in the Unterzee! We currently are planning to do four more of these as free additions to the game, plus one as a premium story. Expect them to come out over the second half of 2022 and into 2023.

Summer Event


Like last year, the summer event is a one-off story event in which players will work together to change London forever. Expect new permanent additions to London, a memorable story that will run live during the event, and some other goodies.

As last year, Election and Grand Clearing-Out Fate items will make their return. Expect some new goodies, as well.

The Tracklayers’ City


Originally, we planned on this coming out relatively soon after the conclusion of the Railway. But we ultimately wanted to do more with it than the original plans scoped for, so this has been delayed until Emily can write it, which should be sometime after Mask of the Rose has finished production.

We’re sorry about the long delay, and we’re also changing in-game text today to reflect this release schedule.

Also: Ludonarracon

Fallen London players may get a kick out of the Mask of the Rose reveals that we’re planning for the Ludonarracon live streaming festival, which takes place from 5th - 9th May on Steam. Expect to get a first look at a certain ominous building from a new perspective, and to discover a bit about its role in Mask of the Rose.