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Become a Corsair!

Stoke your engines, and keep a weather eye on the horizon – Corsair is an update to Fallen London which includes a significant expansion to the zailing experience! 

The zee is your hunting ground! Unearth forgotten treasures, hunt vessels across the Unterzee, and engage in a little light piracy. But take care – the zee is a harsh mistress, and unwary zailors may find themselves unable to bring all of their hard-earned plunder home.

We’re also releasing the next chapter of Evolution alongside Corsair! Aspiring corsairs will be able to continue the Youthful Naturalist's story alongside your initial forays into the world of piracy.

New Options when Zailing

Flying the corsairs' colours adds challenging new options to the zee deck that allow you to pursue profits while travelling across the Neath. The canny pirate will find many new opportunities to enrich themself while zailing about their business. 

These new challenges can be tougher than normal zailing options, and offer more rigorous tests of your zailing ability. 

The Corsair’s Citadel at Gaider’s Mourn

Blue Prophets circle the top of the Mourn. Why do the corsairs hold these birds in such high regard? What twisted creed do these isolated outlaws follow? To reach the truth you'll need to earn the corsairs' respect, and commit yourself to their lawless cause.

The Corsair’s Citadel: A pirate haven built around a stalagmite as vast as a crag. It's a place where treasures and deaths are bought and sold. It is the centre of the vast gyre of the zee, and the nexus of the Neath's waters. Here, among the pirates and Blue Prophets, is where the Unterzee's legends are born. And if the corsairs are to accept you, you will need to prove your worth.

Gaider's Mourn is a new, smaller port nestled in the Snares – the vicious heart of the Unterzee. It is a challenging location, aimed at those zailors with a high Zeefaring skill. In addition, completing the Corsair’s Citadel's slice of story will raise your Zeefaring cap from 5 to 6.

The route to Gaider's Mourn can be deduced from 'A Return to Terra Firma' in London, if your base Zeefaring skill is 5.

Evolution, Chapter 5

"Time itself opened. I saw my future. My Destiny. I've been running from that vision ever since."

Chapter Five of Evolution is also out now! The Youthful Naturalist may be recuperating from his travails on Godfall, but you are embroiled in many schemes, and there is no rest for the wicked. The net is tightening. You have much research left to do. And the Naturalist is a magnet for trouble.

Evolution is available to everyone who has a ship and has delved into the mysteries of the Dilmun Club – specifically, you will need to have completed a trip to the Court of the Wakeful Eye and obtained the quality 'Associating with Radical Academics' at 75. The entirety of the serial story is free, and will be available to all players.

This is the fifth of Evolution's seven chapters, and picks up from the previous chapter through 'Pursuing Leads for the Youthful Naturalist' in London. The remaining chapters will be released throughout 2023.