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Hallowmas 2022: The Feast of Masks

A damp fog fills London’s streets. Londoners of all stripes lurk in its concealment: masked, cloaked, triply hidden. It is the season of Hallowmas, of the commission and purging of sin. Londoners seek out the Attendants – the masked representatives of the Bazaar – to be shriven.

The end of October is upon us, and with it, another Hallowmas comes to Fallen London. Hallowmas is a free revel, open to all Londoners. This year, Hallowmas will run from today, the 24th October, until the 7th of November.

The Feast of Masks

At Hallowmas, it is customary to go masked. Three masks are in vogue this year: the Smiling Demon, the Four-Eyed Moth, and the Infant. Select yours, gain access to a secretive Hallowmas revel, and indulge yourself to raise your Scandal, Wounds or Nightmares.

Hallowmas masks are wearable items that confer powerful attribute bonuses to your character for the duration of the event. Wearing your mask will also allow you to see the opportunity card that leads to one of the Hallowmas masquerades – exclusive parties where confessions are traded and sins forgiven. The Crown mask has fallen out of fashion for this year, while the Demon mask is back in vogue, returning with new art. At the end of Hallowmas, those masks will become souvenir items that are no longer equippable. For Fate, you will be able to purchase a permanent version of the item.


Confessions abound at Hallowmas, if one knows where to stand when the eaves are dropped. Confessions will be released for free during the Festival, and also available to buy for Fate. You will receive a maximum of 14 free Confessions (some in week one, and more in week two).

Confessions can be unlocked on the 'Streets of London: Hallowmas' card, and traded with other players to achieve the combination you desire. This year, all types of confessions will be available from the outset of the festival. In order to make a trade with someone else in Fallen London, you will need to add them as an acquaintance, either by visiting their profile page and clicking ‘add contact’ or by typing in their character name during the trade.

The Attendants

Many Londoners wear masks. Only seven have been called on to do so by the Masters themselves. The Attendants are the representatives of the Bazaar at Hallowmas. Londoners deliver up confessions to them; their own and others. The Smiling Jester. The Glasswhisper. The Knight of Numbers. The Scarlet Physic. The False Student. The Fool’s Apostate. Hammerstrike.

Specific combinations of Confessions can be brought to the Visitors if you have a certain Companion. These Confession combinations can then be used to upgrade that Companion to a new, Hallowmas version.

The Spirit of Hallowmas

A certain festival joie de vivre. A spring in the Hallowmas' celebrants step. An indication of a confessor's participation in the Feast of Masks. Throughout the festival, look for a card in the Opportunity Deck called 'The Fool's Judgement'. This will allow you to convert Scandal, Wounds or Nightmares into Spirit of Hallowmas.

Accruing enough Spirit will bring a visitation at the end of the festival; as usual, up to 2500 Spirit will bring rewards, and any additional amount will uplift you in the ranks of the Knights of Hallowmas. The nature of your rewards will depend on the Menace you have most frequently converted into Spirit.


The Feast of Masks, when opposites meet at midnight! This is the season of unexpected guests; of guests who carry terrible glimpses of possible futures.

At Hallowmas, you may catch a glimpse of your destiny. Destinies are unique items of equipment that offer a premonition of a possible future. This can only be done at certain times of the year, so take advantage of the chance! Acquire a destiny, or change yours for a new one, on the card 'Attract a Visitor at Hallowmas'.

What’s different this year?

We have some new and returning delights in store for you.

A new companion, the Weary Wayfinder, can be encountered at the onset of Hallowmas this year, and upgraded through Confessions. A number of other familiar faces can benefit from the revels; what might your Lamp-cat learn from London's sins? What, exactly, is the Efficient Commissioner's business here? In total, eight new Companions are available through Confession this year. Where upgrades require companions from previous seasonal events, those companions are available to purchase now for Fate.

We’ve also brought some fan favourite companions from years past back into the confession rotation this year. Say hello again to the Minacious Union-Rat, Rubbery Campanologist, Rubbery Herald, and Fabulous Accomplice.

And finally, if you're espoused to the Gentleman Smuggler or Notorious Art Dealer, you may now begin a short story to further advance their careers. These spouse upgrades are permanent, and will remain available after Hallowmas has closed.

This year, Hallowmas will run from today, the 24th October, until the 7th of November. After the festival closes on the 7th, you’ll be able to turn in confessions and claim rewards until the 14th.

We hope you enjoy the revels!