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Installing Yosemite? Read this first!

Hi everyone. We just wanted to let you know about a potential issue for Sunless Sea mac players who are planning to install Apple's latest OS Yosemite. Sunless Sea runs on the Unity engine, and While there have been no reported issues with running Unity games on Yosemite at this point, installing the OS involves clearing your operating system cache files.

Sunless Sea , along with a number of other Unity games, saves data into this directory, so upgrading will wipe your save data. Don’t worry though, if you save a copy of this data somewhere safe before you perform the upgrade, you will then be able to paste it back into the same directory after the install.

Here is how to access the directory you will need to copy the data from:

1. Activate the Finder.

2. Use the Go menu and choose Go To Folder, or press Cmd-Shift-G.

3. Type /Users/username/Library/Caches/Unity.Failbetter Games.Sunless Sea , replacing username with your sign on username.

4. Copy the contents of this directory to a safe location (personal documents, desktop etc.) NOTE: Ensure that you have definitely copied a directory called ‘saves’

Once you have copied that, you can install Yosemite. Afterwards, run Sunless Sea, prompting the game to re-create your 'Unity.Failbetter Games.Sunless Sea' directory. At this point, you won’t have any save files. If you close the game and overwrite the contents of your 'Unity.Failbetter Games.Sunless Sea' directory with the files you saved prior to the Yosemite installation, you should now have all of your save files back!