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Polythreme Updates

It’s been a long time coming: This Thursday, January 27th, we are going to release a major update to Polythreme, which adds both a new activity and adjusts the existing Polythremic Promenade activity. Here’s a short rundown of changes:

  • Upon landing in Polythreme, players will access the Polythreme Docks, a staging area leading into other activities. There’s a short introductory storylet here; all players will need to get through to access both the new activity and the revamped Promenade.

  • The Promenade is now infinite draw, with nondiscardable cards.

  • The Promenade now uses its own progress qualities, Allure and Cognisance, instead of Fascinating and Investigating.

  • Several outcomes in Promenade cards grant more of those qualities, making the wheel more forgiving.

  • Trading Allure for Cognisance (and vice-versa) is now much more efficient.

  • The consolation prize for failing a run has been increased, and failed runs of the wheel now make subsequent ones easier.

These changes aren’t aimed at making the Polythremic Promenade a very powerful activity for endgame players, but they will hopefully make it less frustrating for players who need to complete runs of the Promenade to progress a certain Ambition or who simply want to explore Polythreme.

As for the new activity in Polthreme… well, all I’ll say is that there is one.

Once again, Polythreme relaunches on Thursday. Be advised that if you are halfway through a run of the Promenade when it launches, you will lose progress! This is necessary as changes mean players will not be able to access the Promenade right away.