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Storridge’s Definitely Unmarked Playing Cards

We are delighted to present the latest creation from our talented friends at Gametee: a new edition of our Fallen London playing cards!

Storridge's Definitely Unmarked Playing Cards - Apocyan Edition

Londoners do love a game of cards, from the honey-dens of Veilgarden to the back rooms of the exclusive House of Chimes.

The suits (Bats, Hats, Cats and Rats) and individually-illustrated face cards are rich with Neathy flourishes and characters: the Banded Prince, Jack of Smiles and even the Traitor Empress herself all appear. This illustrious deck has seen some life in the Neath, but it remains entirely suitable for any of your favourite Surface card games. Find the right game, and perhaps you’ll win your Heart’s Desire.

They are truly a delight in the hand: sturdy, glossy, and trimmed with silver mirror-shine edges.

We originally created Storridge’s playing cards in a limited red edition for the 10th anniversary of Fallen London. We heard from many players who were disappointed not to have been able to pick up a deck, so this second edition is ongoing: they will be reprinted when they sell out!

While we’re on the subject of merchandise, please be forewarned that we’ll be retiring our print on demand merchandise store in January, so if there’s anything from the archive which you’ve been hoping to buy, now is your last chance!