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Sunless Skies: Patch Notes

Build Version:
Release Date: 15/11/2017

Greetings Sky-Captains, just a quick update to resolve a number of bugs introduced in the last patch, plus a couple of minor quick-fixes and content updates to boot.


  • The Diffident Bat can now be jettisoned.
  • The Diffident Bat is now available to buy at Abraham’s Engineering at New Winchester should you be cruel enough to jettison the one you currently own.
  • We’ve reduced the cost of Hull repairs from 5 to 1.
  • Branches to repair your locomotive’s hull have been moved from within the New Winchester storylet to their own storylet (Repairing your Locomotive) at Wolvesey Station.

Bug Fixes

The Diffident Bat once again finds all ports in the Reach.

All labels now appear on the chart when discovered in-game.

Engine Yards/Locomotives
Small weapons now remain equipped when purchasing locomotives with large armament slots (i.e. Parsival and Moloch class locomotives).

Sovereigns now update when you have the Possessions interface open when buying items.
You can no longer travel with interfaces open after opening and closing the character progression screen.
You no longer have to click Wolvesey Engine Yard twice to reopen it after closing it down with the X.
The cargo Hold now auto-updates if it is open when receiving and losing items via storylets.
The Jettison interface now updates correctly when equipping a duplicate weapon.
Opening a shop interface when you already have another shop interface open no longer closes the interface down.

All locomotive sounds are now muted when SFX Volume is set to 0% within game.
Locomotive SFX have been balanced to make the engine start/stop SFX less jarring.

In-game graphical distortions and z-fighting should no longer occur on MacOS machines with NVIDIA graphics card (we are aware of the minor z-fighting on the chart and will resolve this in the future).

We have removed the spaces before the full stop on various journal entries.