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The Feast of the Rose 1897

The Feast of the Exceptional Rose is upon us! Show your affection or scorn through unexpected and creative gifts! Love is as faceted as the jewel in a betrothal-ring. What will the season have in store for you?

Rewards from the Feast can be won by increasing Masquing. Raise your Masquing through participating in the revels and the exchange of gifts. Later in the festival, use Masquing to unlock unique companions.

Discover all the festival has to offer on the Celebrate the Feast of the Exceptional Rose card, available throughout London.

Discuss the festival or make friends for the exchange of gifts via the dedicated posts on Facebook and Reddit, the tag #flfeastgifts on Twitter and Tumblr, in the dedicated thread here on the forums and on our Official Fan Discord.

New Companions

Companions in Fallen London - be they romantic, platonic, animal or mineral - offer boosts to your stats, and little stories. The Feast of the Exceptional Rose is an ideal opportunity to meet new ones.

This year there are half a dozen new companions to choose from, some available in exchange for Masquing:

  • Discuss music with the Clay Curmudgeon
  • Take a turn with the Jovial Contrarian
  • Take your chances with An Impenitent Devil

And for Masquing plus Fate:

  • Go somewhere secluded with The Intrepid Deacon
  • Visit the cathedral with A Lovelorn Bishop
  • Join the throng of suitors at the feet of the Captivating Princess

To discover more about the Intrepid Deacon’s story before engaging in the Feast festivities, play For All the Saints Who from their Labours Rest, an Exceptional Story available from the Fate page or from Celebrate the Feast of the Exceptional Rose.

Tokens of Love

Exchange gifts with other players to show them the truth of your heart! Or something more enigmatic. A glass of teeth by any other name would rattle as sweetly.

New gifts for this Feast:

  • An Unblemished Exile’s Rose, plucked from Hell
  • A Liberalian Mask, signifying the excesses of the libertine
  • A Lemurian's Mask, a Hallowmas relic
  • A Lupercalian Mask - the mask of the lover
  • A Set of Martyr’s Bones

Your accrued gifts can be kept for sentimental reasons, or exchanged for different amounts of Masquing.

The Lady in Lilac

“You are desired,” she says. “Give me the proof of it, and I’ll make arrangements.”

The enigmatic Lady in Lilac visits London during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose.

From the 13th of February, you will be able to draw the Lady in Lilac from your opportunity deck, allowing you to trade in your feast-gifts for Masquing. You’ll also be able to turn in your Masquing for special companions on the Encounters at the Feast card.

The Lady in Lilac and Encounters at the Feast will remain available until the 25th of February, after which your remaining Masquing will be converted to Making Waves when Time, the Healer visits.

Skin-bound Memories

How better to prove your devotion than through permanent ink? High time for a visit to Clathermont’s Tattoo Parlour!

A unique story involving the Neath’s famed tattooists is available for the duration of the Feast. Find the Clathermonts in Ladybones Road when you have A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets at 4 or higher. Continue this story from the same area by playing News at Clathermont’s from 13th February.

Premium Story: The Ceremony

A spate of exquisite and unpleasant transformations sweeps London: new Rubbery enhancements of a drastic degree. What lies behind the tentacles? What secrets are hidden within the spiraling bones? Who is the Gilded Sacrifice?

This winter’s premium story by Cass Khaw is now available on the Fate page, for 35 Fate.

New Merchandise: Clathermont's Art Print

The Clathermont Family’s Tattoo Parlour is the toast of Ladybones Road. Advertise on their behalf with this art print from our merchandise partner, GameTee!


This artwork, which illuminates some of the designs available to the passing punter, is an A3 print which ships rolled.
Your key dates for the festival are:
6th February - Festival Opens
13th February - Masquing can be exchanged for companions
20th February - Gift-giving and general feast activities close
25th February - Exchanging gifts for Masquing, the Clathermont story and meeting companions close