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The Mushroom's Dream

The island is a node. You feel the connections spiralling out, everything hitched to every other thing as your view widens to encompass an entire universe.

Then: a blackness, spreading over the wall. The Cynic is still babbling away. Does he not see it, too?

You glance back, and the shadow is gone.

The Mushroom’s Dream is your Premium Story for Christmas 2022!

Something is rotten on the Mangrove College. Once-aimless philosophers have a newfound purpose, and the Mangrove Schools vie for intellectual dominance.

Delve into the swamp of philosophy and help the Unreconstructed Cynic synthesise his transient philosophies as you both seek the truth that lurks at the heart of the Wisp-Ways.

The Mangrove College is a small zee-location, visitable by anyone with a ship; uncover it by zailing on the Sea of Voices. The depths of the Wisp-Ways can only be explored by playing The Mushroom's Dream. Completing The Mushroom's Dream unlocks a unique, persistent activity on the Mangrove College.

Buy the Mushroom’s Dream for 25 Fate, either from the Fate page or on the island. And mind the Blemmigans…