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The Mysteries Revealed, Again

For the second time in Fallen London's history, we recently closed the Mysteries tab - twenty questions on subjects of the Neath, ranging from the mundane to the fiendish. Rewards have now been dispersed to any player who made a stab at the answers (one coin per correct answer; check your inventory, under Curiosities, to see how many you got right).

We admire your tenacity in getting to the bottom of these provocations, though this time around, not a single player got all of them right. We'll certainly be sharing some of the more amusing answers in future; until then, here are the correct ones. We hope you enjoy your rewards!

Edit: These have been expanded and updated to elucidate where we marked correct variations on the answer. If you put more than one answer to a single question, and any of the answers given were incorrect, the question was marked wrong. The inclusion of the variant answers makes this post even more spoilery than it was initially!

What was Moloch Street called before London fell?
Baker Street

What was Elderwick called before London fell?
Aldwych (or Auldwych), or Wych Street

What was Lusitania Row called before London fell?
Piccadilly, Piccadilly Arcade or Piccadilly Circus

What was Blythenhale called before London fell?
Bethnal Green

What are the seven colours of the Neathbow?
Irrigo, Violant, Cosmogone, Peligin, Apocyan(ic), Gant, Viric

What is the Great Game played for?
The secret currencies in the Bazaar’s vaults (or an answer which mentioned the Numismatrix).

What are the seven doors of the Bazaar?
Teeth, Ivory, Copper, Ormolu, Paper, Steel, Glass (nB this initially said Iron, which was your blogger's error; Steel is the right answer and was marked as such)

What does the Bishop of Southwark keep in his barn?
Mr Hearts (or Mr Apples), or A Master of the Bazaar (or simply 'a Master')

Why do Snuffers eat candles?
For the wax/because they’re made of wax/they’re sustained by the memory of wax

Who is May?
The Manager of the Royal Bethlehem/the Merry Gentleman

One of the Empress' issue died. But which?
The Delicate Duke / Prince Leopold, or Duke Leopold

What happened to the working man's friend?
The Haunted Doctor/Calendar Council killed him. (A number of acceptable variant answers on this one to account for ways to say the same thing, at risk of sounding like a the Dead Parrot Sketch: assassinated by, murdered by, Calendar Council ordered his execution, fatally removed from, disposed of, killed on orders of, and mention of ' a crueler month'.)

Who was the original architect of the Dawn Machine?
June of the Calendar Council, or just 'June'

Name a hero of the season of revolutions
Feducci or Virginia.

Who hid the key in the well?
The Implacable Detective

Who was the first noman?
Mr Sacks (or, ho ho, Shacksh)

Who opened the mirrors?
Mt. Nomad (or the Bazaar's Granddaughter/mountain's daughter)

Why do cats hate snakes?
Cats are Guardians of what Is, snakes/Fingerkings are what Is Not, and a great deal of variant answers along the same lines.

What do the Fingerkings want?
To exist, and a great deal of variant answers along the same lines.

What happened in the last February of sunlight?
The Woods in Winter.