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The Royal Society

We are genuinely delighted that our fun idea for a port which grew as we received more backers to the Sunless Skies Kickstarter has come to fruition. Here is the complete breakdown of everything unlocked for the port through your support. Thank you!

Part I: The Royal Society

The once-moribund Royal Society of inventors, explorers, and scientists has received a generous grant from Her Enduring Majesty and a renewed mandate: to unravel the mysteries of the High Wilderness!

Invigorated, they established their new headquarters deep in the frontier. Were they eager to be at the forefront of new discovery? Or were they keen to be further from the Empire's control?

Their base is Airy House – colloquially, 'the Airy' – a place of discovery, reckless experimentation, and marvels. Here, the wonders of the Wilderness are collected, catalogued, studied, debated.

The Royal Society offers useful services to the captain who calls there, including shops, supplies, and the purchase of esoteric information.

Part II: Nell's Tower

The art of astronomy was once abandoned in London after the city was stolen away beneath the earth. Now, it has returned to urgent prominence! Observing the stars is no longer a purely academic discipline, but cutting-edge intelligence-gathering, as its practitioners struggle to comprehend the Judgements with whom they share the heavens.

The astronomers of Nell's tower are favourites of Her Majesty, and the recipients of generous bursaries. Puffed and arrogant, they squabble over which star the telescope will be pointed at today. A few older professors lament the decline of their discipline.

Prolonged exposure to the radiances of stars means sky-madness is common in Nell's Tower. However, some promising scholarship has emerged. In-vogue is the theory of 'conjunctions' which – depending who you believe – may be clan-allegiances, conspiracies, or philosophies that divide the Judgements.

Part III: Portsmouth House

A workshop staffed by harrassed inventors and engineers, who build the specialist equipment the Society requires for its expeditions. Their waiting list is long, but perhaps you can convince them to jump you to the top of the queue.

Their inventions tend towards the eccentric, and rarely come without a cost. But in the right situation, they might mean the difference between success and disaster.

Portsmouth house is a new shop at the Royal Society, selling equipment that cannot be found eslewhere in the game!

Part IV: the Rochester Races

The more intrepid members of the Royal Society gather at the Rochester Club to boast of their discoveries, get drunk, and play darts (strictly in that order). In addition they like to make wagers, and they like to race.

Can you make it to Port Prosper, then Pan, and back within a month? Even with the Peacock Wind against you? Are you willing to make a breakneck round trip to the House of the Feather, just to wipe the smirk out from under the pencil-moustache of the Aloof Surveyor? All the dangers of the High Wilderness wait in your path!

The Rochester offers several new quests, allowing you to increase your reputation with the Society's explorers, and trade it for rewards!

Part V: the Inscribed Tinkerer

The Inscribed Tinkerer likes her workbench tidy and her tea "as strong as the Devil's opinions". She believes in iteration - of technology, or society, of people - and her inventions are intended to mitigate specific dangers and obstacles of the High Wilderness. Her tea-stained notebook bulges with blueprints. But would any sane captain need for a Retractable Well-Sounder (Manned)?

The Inscribed Tinbkerer offers several new pieces of equipment for purchase, if you can find the correct combination of components she needs to construct it.