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Tutorial and Keybinding

It’s just over two weeks until launch! Today's update covers some functions which you’ve been asking us for:


Even seasoned zailors will find helpful tips in the new tutorial system!

It’s really important that this is as useful as possible; please consider sending feedback to if you spot something confusing.


Not everyone wants to zail WSADly. Re-bind the game controls to keys of your choice from Options in the menu.


The fog of war is less foggy; you should find that the labels are easier to read.


  • New vessel - Steam Launch, an adorable lifeboat
  • The gazetter page you are currently on will now have its tab highlighted
  • Same goes for your current shop
  • The Tyrant-Moth, Lorn Fluke and Bound Shark have some new animations
  • 'Goods' have now been renamed 'Cargo' on the hold tab
  • Being moved to a different port will now update the Fog of Uknown on the map correctly
  • The Pirate Steam-Pinnace has moved further North of Fallen London
  • You can new assign items usable in combat to different slots from the Hold page on the gazetteer
  • Performance optimisations

And some news: very soon you can expect to see stories involving a great deal of monkey business when you visit Empire of Hands…

Happy zailing!