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Welcome to Albion

A new region—Albion—is now available!View on YouTubeWelcome to Albion, skyfarers. Albion is the heart of the British Empire and home to Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Explore the empire's civilised stronghold and dig into the engines of industry, where manners must be minded and secrets are necessary.

“The excited shriek of train-whistles.

The hiss of steam.

The clamour of countless voices.


Those looking to discover Albion should head towards Port Prosper to find the transit relay. Transit permits will be free during Early Access, though to make sure captains are seasoned enough for the journey, you'll still need to pay for either a Ministry-Stamped Permit or 2 Barrels of Hours before you travel.The addition of a second region brings Sunless Skies closer to our final vision of the game, with two more regions to come before full release. This update also brings:Nine new ports, including its hub city LondonVisit the seaside at Worlebury-juxta-Mare. Pay your respects to Her Majesty's sacrifice at Albert's tomb at The Most Serene Mausoleum. Or witness the Brabazon Workworld, where time moves more quickly as labourers refine the empire's hours.Our Kickstarter social reward port, The Royal Society, is also housed in Albion!wp_perduranceTwelve new Discoveries, some more troublesome than othersSet your locomotive's course for the sprawling Well of the Wolf and hear its celestial gales howl like its namesake. Dare to tread on a Weft of Unravelled Time, or steel yourself to investigate Exceptional Squirmings.wp_well-of-the-wolfSix new Spectacles, a few of which won’t terrify youThose brave captains who have zailed the sunless zee may uncover some eerily familiar sights. Some will inspire dread, others awe.New agents, some who have felt the effects of artificial lightAlbion brings a few new locomotive agents such as Glorious Dreadnoughts, Deranged Dreadnoughts and Sky-Maddened Explorers. Both Dreadnoughts are wrathful, one is slightly more rabid.The skies of Albion also feature new beasties, such as leathery Curators and spiny Scorn Flukes!wp_ScornFlukeAttackFor a more detailed idea of what’s new, check out the extensive list in our Patch Notes!Our next build in May will focus on the feeling of 'threat' in the High Wilderness. Expect to see more weather and also some more hazardous Discoveries. We'll also be making improvements to the Chart, tweaking survival mechanics, and creating new Nightmares!We’ll be holding a FBG podcast this Friday the 6th of April on Twitch at 16:00 BST. We can’t wait to discuss all the lovely bits of Albion with you and answer any questions you may have about the new region!And those in London coming to Rezzed next week, do stop by the Sunless Skies booth and say hello! We will have something special for anyone who speaks the special codeword: bees.