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Zubmariner will be released on 11 October, 2016

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Hooray and hurrah, Zubmariner will be released on 11 October 2016 for Windows, Mac and Linux!

Zubmariner brings an entire second layer to Sunless Sea, including new cities and ports to explore, packed with our trademark: agonising choices presented in beautiful prose.

Hideaway 3

“Beneath the Unterzee it’s dark, hostile, littered with plunderable wrecks and haunted by the worst horrors of the Neath,” says Narrative Director Chris Gardiner. “You aren't meant to be down there. You're a trespasser. But that makes you both sacred and profane to those who dwell below.

“The ports on the zee bed are a level weirder than those on the surface, and their inhabitants have been changed by the deeps. Some are hiding, some are hateful, some are mad. Some are all three, and have very big ambitions. Players may have something to say about that."

Hideaway 2

Zubmariner also brings new zee-beasts, shipwrecks and flora to discover.

Art Director and Failbetter CEO Paul Arendt says, “Below the water, you’re limited by oxygen and the reach of your sonar. You can use sonar to highlight items of interest around you, but they may not be friendly. The zee-beasts you’re used to on the surface have little on the horrors of their underwater friends, including at least one new enemy who is as powerful as Mt Nomad.”

Aigul 2

Director of Development Liam Welton adds, “This is an expansion in the truest sense: we've created the entire zee-floor, using a combination of procedural generation and hand drawn art. The ability to dive changes the whole flow of the game, bringing more flavour to long zee-journeys without compromising the loneliness and nail-biting close escapes which people enjoyed so much in Sunless Sea.”

Zubmariner will be available for $10.99 (or £7.99 in the UK), on Humble, GoG and Steam. It is free to anyone who bought Sunless Sea in Early Access.

EGX and Twitchcon

To see the finished version of Zubmariner first, come and see us at EGX in Birmingham, UK! Paul, Chris and Liam will be interviewed about the expansion at 4pm GMT on Saturday 24 Sept, and there will definitely be a live stream for those of you who aren't able to make it.

We’ll also be teasing the very first details of our NEXT GAME. Which is obviously tremendously exciting.

Find out more about EGX and get tickets

We’re also going to Twitchcon in San Diego, where Hannah and Kyra will be showing Zubmariner in the Expo floor indie area, hanging out and giving out goodies! Look out for live streams from the indie area too - we’ll share a link when we have it.

Find out more about Twitchcon and get tickets