By Hannah Flynn, November 27, 2014 · Patch Notes Sunless Sea

A multi-faceted update: new stories, new gameplay and a feast of new artwork.

This is V0.6.3.1751, currently available on Steam (Humble versions always come along a little later due to timezones).


  • Legacies have been re-designed. When you die, choose your relationship to the late captain. More control over what you receive to take into your next game, and an idea of why you got it.
  • Neutral vessels have been added to the Unterzee. Sail alongside them and your crew will be soothed by their presence. Follow them to discover new trade routes. Shoot at them if you fancy, but they will retaliate.
  • Qualities in your journal are now grouped into categories. These categories can be expanded or contracted to display more or less information.
  • The game now autosaves after each story choice while you are docked at a port.
  • The latest update news is now always visible on the title screen.
  • The Sea of Lilies has now been added to the map (with content to follow. You will need to start a new game to see this location).
  • Stories galore! Espionage, masked encounters, cruelty, desire and a mystery from Fallen London’s past… If you have not been getting new stories as they come, you’re in for a feast.


  • Some items cannot be thrown overboard (such as passengers. You shouldn’t throw passengers overboard.)
  • All available stories should now be visible when you are in Fallen London, not just the first 8. Simply go to the story overview page to see them all.
  • The Caligo-class Merchant Cruiser now has an Aft slot, allowing you to equip aft weapons and Secure Storage.


  • If you need to recover after a corrupted save and need to teleport to Fallen London, there is a chance you will see some of the trading ships behaving oddly.

If you experience a bug, please email us at with a brief description. If you’re reporting a crash, black screen or graphics issue, it would really help us out if you could  attach your output log.


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Jabberwok Dec 16, 9:48am

You really should be able to throw people overboard...

Krist370 Dec 11, 4:23pm

First time I've started a play through since before Steel, enjoying the new combat and content now I've managed to get used to playing again. In my game I'm fining a lot of the neutral vessels invisible and/or jumping around the map and teleporting and reappearing all over the screen. Just thought I'd let you know. Also when they do seem to be sailing properly, they seem to just randomly wander in circles, it would be nice if some trade routes, or just general routes or shipping lanes between ports were added for them to follow, so if you encountered one you could make use of journeying with them to their or part way to your next destination. Kris

Wicker Nov 29, 5:11am

NOOOOOOOOOO! Don't take away my ability to throw people overboard! What if I'm roleplaying a douchebag? Why take away my options!?! Other than that, awesome. But seriously, bring back the passenger throwing.

Wriothesley Nov 27, 10:10pm

"The game now autosaves after each story choice while you are docked at a port." Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.......................!

Damian Nov 27, 7:23pm

From rouge-like early alpha to sailing-Sim late alpha...Sunless Sea sure has come a long way, and I've been playing for quite a while. I love how real time combat at sea changed how terror works and the cheaper fuel and supply costs at London. My most recent/current play-through I managed to buy the Merchant-class ship, and I must say; making money never felt better in this game! Brings back old memories from Uncharted Waters 2 on the Dos, starting out small and making more and more profits as time went. Although, I did realize that the story trader in London wasn't there anymore... I miss trading my terror stories for the other ones... and TOTALLY not because *cough*youcanbuysecretsforthousandechosand*cough* I'm making echos rain with trading from ZeelPort<3 Keep up the great work guys. Loving every update you guys make

Hannah Nov 27, 7:06pm

Would you mind sending a support request to, if you haven't already? We'll have a look at it for you.

TryToGuess Nov 27, 5:41pm

i cant download the new stories :(

Dae Nov 27, 4:14pm

Regarding Sea of Lilies, are you sure we need to start a new game? I was playing last night and I found it just past the Salt Lions (iirc). Or at least I found a hella bunch of lily pads and something that said "Sea of Lilies". Very pretty, by the way.