Savour the Fruits of the Zee!

By Hannah Flynn, August 17, 2021 · Fallen London


Look out your rod and reel: the Fruits of the Zee Festival is upon us! The festival begins today, 17th August, and will end on the 31st.

As summer winds down, enjoy calming fishing trips and indulge in a cornucopian repast of delights plucked fresh from the bounteous Zee.

  • Hire a fishing boat, land a Strange Catch and trade it at the festival for special rewards!
  • Enjoy the maypole dancing, Drownie serenades, beer &c!
  • Secure an invitation to a secret feast and catch a glimpse of your Destiny. Will it be a vision of victory or a dream of darkness?
  • Lend a hand to Mr Wines’ personal butler, Jervaise, who is visiting Mutton Island on a mission to find stories of tempestuous love.

Catch a ferry from Wolfstack Docks to Mutton Island to join the festivities!

The Fruits of the Zee Festival is a free event open to all players, no matter your level. You don’t need to own a boat, and if you don’t know the way to Wolfstack Docks, there’s a helpful urchin at your lodgings who will be happy to ferry you for a reasonable price.


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Fruits of the Zee Festival Aug 23, 10:45pm

Dance with a Drownie! Get chased by the Mary Loyd! Eat! Drink! Fish! yourself dangerously close to overdoing it. I love this festival. I initially enjoyed the new spin in place of Mayoral Shennanigans. Then I realised the plot was best summed up as: "A gang of shady old men trying to gaslight a confused mentally disabled female servant into believing that the grass isn't greener on the other side." Jervaise: "He did say something about 'A lesson needing to be taught.'" Creepy. Also, you could pair up a male/male couple but not a female/female couple. Wouldn't want women getting together and talking, now. Next year: hoping for more Zee.

Fex Aug 18, 6:14pm

Are there any new Wreckers Cove items?

Vael Victus Aug 17, 11:31pm

Is there new content this year?

Jefferson Santos Aug 17, 10:17pm

I was thinking about having some calm weeks, just farming Unfinished Business, but no gentleman can deny such invitation. Glad to see an event at the Zee

Laura N. Aug 17, 5:31pm

Always enjoy fishing around sweet Mutton Island....Oh, the Great Clearing Out/ National Disaster was good fun, too!

Lil Knot Oracle Aug 17, 11:02am

Aww yeaaa