Station VIII

By Sara Veal, October 22, 2020 · Fallen London

Factory VIII is a monstrosity of brick and glass, its towering walls and high up windows lending it the air of a prison. The factory does not produce the foul coal stench of those in London, instead it emits bright clouds of pungent scents – which occasionally bring passers-by to tears.

It is now possible to build the Station for Factory VIII – ‘Station VIII’, the latest development in the formation of the Great Hellbound Railway Company, London’s new railway line to Hell’s Hinterlands. Factory VIII is a perfectly ordinary factory, operating on the outskirts of London. 

Building the station serves two purposes: providing a rest stop for the railway as it grows, and to ease transportation of factory goods. The exhausted labourers should be pleased to have an alternative to travelling all the way to Balmoral for respite and refreshment.

As you build Station VIII, you’ll have the opportunity to take a tour of the factory, as well as the surrounding village.


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Laurie Oct 23, 3:15pm

Station 8 is just a Perfectly Ordinary factory, huh? I look forward to seeing proof.

Fader McGee Oct 22, 5:54pm

Can't wait to explore it! A humble request, though: could we PLEASE get some end-game content that produces Making Waves? Publishing scientific discoveries and serving as a captain of industry should keep us in public eye at least a bit.

Zahariel Oct 22, 11:49am

"... a perfectly ordinary factory". ... Suuuure it is. And if you believe that, I have some land in Parabola you might be interesting in buying, too.