Sunless Sea “the most memorable release of 2015″

By Hannah Flynn, December 15, 2015 · Sunless Sea

We’re so excited that Simon Parkin has named Sunless Sea the most memorable release of 2015 in the New Yorker.

This has been a defining year for Failbetter. We’ve launched our first video game, grown to 14 staff, and been able to start paying forward via our internships and incubations. We even bought a fridge!

Sunless Sea was a gamble, and we’re so thankful that it’s resonated with you.

In celebration, we’re doing giveaways of Sunless Sea keys on twitter, Facebook and Tumblr this week.

Here’s the full quote from the New Yorker, for posterity:

Failbetter’s wistful adventure, in which you assume the role of a succession of ancient mariners, is the most memorable release of 2015. You roam the Unterzee, a twilight archipelago beneath London, choosing a crew, buying rations, plying a trade, and helping out those you come across (or, when you’re lost at sea, eating them). The balance of risk and reward is built into the geography: How far will you stray from your home port, in search of wealth and glory, when, with limited supplies, you can become so easily stranded? The story is broken into discrete chunks and strung together according to your choices. When you die, abruptly or in old age, you bequeath your gains to your offspring, who become the next characters in the generational journey. The result is a collaboration between player, writer, and designer—one that awakens our elemental longing both to explore and to seek home.


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Wyatt T. Dec 27, 10:26pm

Hello, Failbetter Games. I just wanted to say great job on Sunless Sea. I purchased it on Steam back when it was still on Early Access, and when about a third of the map was developed. That third of the map was still lacking a lot of content as well. Because of the lack of content I didn't play very long, but the important part was I greatly enjoy the core mechanics of the game. The traveling, the dialog delivery system, and what stories there were. Even the combat, back when it was still that turn-based fighting system. It drew me in, and I knew I would be looking forward to the finished product; assuming the base model of the game had not changed. In the end, I don't regret spending a single penny on Sunless Sea. It has entertained me for a great many hours with its dark and captivating stories, as well as its Victorian, Lovecraft atmosphere. I just wanted to give you a little more support and say you did a great job. I'm looking forward to the Underzea DLC release, and all of the new adventures that come with it. Thank you for putting in the time to make a very immersive, fun, and beautiful game. It really makes me feel good seeing this sort of content from the non-AAA side of the field. I am eagerly awaiting everything else you have in store for us. With well regards, Wyatt T.