Sunless Sea Update V2.2.4.3134: The Blemmigan Gallivanter

By Haley Uyrus, June 6, 2018 · Sunless Skies Zubmariner

We’re delighted to let you know that The Blemmigan Gallivanter mascot is now available in Sunless Sea! It is very keen to meet you and cannot wait to explore the great, wide zee from a nest its formed out of your journal pages.


Back in February 2017, you all banded together to help us achieve our Kickstarter goal for Sunless Skies. After many cakes, correspondence sigils, and space shanty verses, we achieved the 25 Social Goal Reward: BLEMMIGANS!

This is not the only blemmigan either – the reward unlocked three blemmigans in total! Expect two more to surface in our other games: The Blemmigan Tourist (Fallen London) and the Blemmigan Voyager (Sunless Skies).

Besides this squishy addition, this update also includes:

  • Rectified typos
  • Bug fixes aplenty

We’ve also updated our Unity version and made some backend tech changes that’ll make things easier for us (such as being able to easily change the ad on the game’s title screen). If you’d like a more detailed description of the changes, check out our Patch Notes!


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