Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition is out now!

By Failbetter, May 19, 2021 · Sunless Skies

As promised, Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition is now available to play on PC and consoles!

This is the game’s debut on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, with many completely new features, fixes, and improvements. And if you already own Sunless Skies on PC, you can play it there now as a free update!

There are many, many changes, but here are a few highlights:

  • Major changes to character progression. We’ve reworked the interface, and added new facets to define your captain – did you lose your soul (and find it again)? Do you have a special connection with spies, devils, talking rats, or Rubbery Men? And legendary captains can now continue to improve their ability even after reaching the cap of level 20.
  • A reworked and expanded starvation system. As desperation grows, you can now attempt to eat an unprecedented selection of unwise, unpleasant, or tragic things.
  • A new exotic engine. It’s very fast, but not very good at stopping…
  • A complete rework of controller support and many improvements to interfaces, to make it as smooth and pleasant as possible on consoles.

There are literally hundreds of other improvements, bug fixes, and optimisations – you can read the full change log if you’re curious! And of course it includes everything we’ve added since the original launch in the Wayfarer, Vagabond, Horn, Hoarder and Urchin updates.

To mark the launch, we’ve partnered with Gametee to offer a High Wilderness Star Chart.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank our excellent porting partners, BlitWorks, for doing such a fine job with the ports.  And whether this will be your first visit, or a triumphant return, we warmly welcome you to the High Wilderness!



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Maksym Morawski Nov 26, 7:51am

Just so you know these games are incredible and I will pay any amount of money for more of them.

Matthew Jun 1, 2:03pm

Hi! I just wanted to send a message to say THANK YOU for all your work on the Sovereign Edition. I always felt fairly useless in combat before, and often played just running away from everything Scrive Spinster-sized or more dangerous. It took me a while to get used to how to use the controller while I was in towns (I kept accidentally undocking), but once I got to grips with it I had a much better playing experience, even taking down Spirifer Engines by the end. I have a bunch of little ideas if you're planning on releasing MORE DLC in the future, but I am totally content if this is the final version of Sunless Skies. I had a great time replaying it, and I have STILL not played through to the end with a captain with the third ambition, so after a break, I may go back to the game, and play it all through again. I had a great experience, and I'm looking forward to your future releases! Maybe, like in "Bleak Expectations", someone can explore all the way to the edge of the aether? Sunless Aether? :)

amm90 May 30, 2:27pm

sorry for my english, years have passed since the previous update and you still have not solved the loading screen of the transit riley

AsamiSato May 25, 3:30pm

Will this update be available on Mac OS? I have 100+ hours logged and would love to play this new version but I have a Mac :(

Tea_fanatic May 23, 3:24am

So, is this the end for Skies? If so, what a journey. And yet, hope can be a stubborn little candle...

Finally May 21, 4:14pm

Been waiting so long to dive back in. Thanks for all the hard work!

Jago May 21, 4:26am


mac May 19, 5:52pm

Thanks for the update, but I am running on Ubuntu 20.04, and there was no text for the Ozymandias scavenging storylet and I could not advance the game. Suggestions?