April 23, 2014 · Fallen London

As backers will know, we’ve been feverishly preparing the Sunless Sea beta for release this coming Tuesday.  But that hasn’t stopped us from making various tweaks and improvements, and just today releasing a substantial piece of content: Dabbling in the Great Game This is a new storylet in Veilgarden that allows characters to play their […]

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March 12, 2014 · Fallen London

Weddings Last month we added the ability for player characters to become engaged to one another.  They may now go further and actually wed in any of nine locations.  They may marry quietly in a Bible storehouse, or in state at St Fiacre’s; on the streets of Spite or in a rooftop garden or aboard […]

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February 17, 2014 · Fallen London Tagged with ,

Fallen London is a vast living thing, like a coral reef. Like a coral reef, it’s always changing. It’s rare for a week to pass without an additional bit of story or a mechanical change, and it can be easy to overlook those changes. So we’re going to have a go at change notes, from […]

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The Mysteries, digested

February 7, 2014 · Fallen London

A week ago we closed the mysteries page; yesterday Alexis unveiled the solutions. The responses we received were varied, intelligent and endlessly inventive, ranging from scholarly to comic, pedantic to poetic, droll to deranged. Some players spoke of forbidden things with politic discretion; one monomaniac worked rats into every answer (and, somehow, got five right); […]

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The Mysteries, answered

February 5, 2014 · Fallen London

Last week we closed the Mysteries page. The questions ranged from the easily guessable to the properly challenging to the frankly unfair; you, our players, had deduced, induced, wrangled, debated, guessed and channeled divine inspiration for four years, with rich and delightful results. Thanks for being such indefatigable hunters! And now, here are the answers. […]

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Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name: What Went Wrong, What Came After

December 12, 2013 · Failbetter

Earlier this week, I froze the Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name content in Fallen London. This caused a tremendous stir among a small minority of the player base, and was mostly invisible to the vast majority. The post below is about why, and what’s happening next. It is also, I’m afraid, long to the point of […]

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Failbetter Games: what are we for?

October 7, 2013 · Failbetter

This blog’s been quiet for a while as Failbetter has gone through some soul-searching and worked out exactly what it is that we do. Are we the Fallen London folks? Are we the StoryNexus folks? People keep asking, and we wanted to get our answer clear. Paul and I founded Failbetter because we wanted to […]

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SLIGHTLY BREAKING: same-sex marriage legal in Fallen London

March 15, 2013 · Fallen London

We just made same-sex marriage legal in Fallen London. Turns out it’s much easier in an imaginary nineteenth century than it is in the real twenty-first, because we only had to change a couple of text labels (‘Constant Companion’ -> ‘Spouse’) and a few dozen words of copy, not enact primary legislation. We were nearly there already. FL […]

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How to solve a river

March 10, 2013 · Fallen London

Letting players know about new content and features in Fallen London has always been a challenge. It’s easy for players to miss announcements even on multiple channels, and there’s so much stuff in the game that new material is easy to overlook. This time, we tried an experiment. For those on Twitter and Facebook asking […]

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