Has five hundred hours of Starcraft made me a better person?

January 8, 2014 · Failbetter

I respect and admire both Jonathan Jones and Keith Stuart, whose responses to ‘Are games art?’ surfaced again today. Jonathan’s is ‘what a bizarre and irrelevant question to ask…very little art is actually art’ and Keith’s is ‘does it really matter’? I agree with them both. I don’t want to dismiss the question, which has allowed us (gamers + […]

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Nuns, guns, empathy

June 1, 2012 ·

The ‘Attack of the Saints’ Hitman Absolution trailer: a bit of the old ultraviolence committed at length, with power chords, by 47, against sexy latex nuns, in a glossy, cynical sort of Tarantino pastiche. The blogosphere has presented us with enough outrage, counter-outrage and counter-counter-outrage that you’re probably up on the details, but if not […]

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Late to the party: games and stories

May 27, 2012 ·

Nicholas Lovell recently kicked off a wide-ranging argument about games and stories on Twitter, and Tom Jubert just posted a characteristically articulate response which reminded me that I meant to say something about all this. Let me set out my own stall first. Tom says ‘If games weren’t about stories we wouldn’t be shooting down space […]

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Echo Bazaar Inspirations: King of Dragon Pass

October 4, 2011 ·

[This is the second of two posts about King of Dragon Pass. We don’t have any kind of business relationship with A Sharp, who make KoDP – we just really like the game. Below, Chris explains why.] When King of Dragon Pass was released on the PC and Mac in 1999 the gaming press didn’t […]

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The Problem with Branching

October 4, 2011 ·

[This is a guest post by David Dunham of A Sharp.  David has been creating digital games since he was in 7th grade, as well as a variety of other software. He’s written about revising his most ambitious game at .King of Dragon Pass was an important early influence on Echo Bazaar and our other work: so […]

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Tree, River, City Lights – Part I

May 11, 2011 ·

[This is one in an intermittent series of posts about internal FBG terminology. Partly because we use these terms in the wider world sometimes, partly because it might have more general implications. This post is also about my ambivalent relationship with the tree as a model for how to think about interactive stories.] Trees (directed […]

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EBZ Casting

April 20, 2011 ·

Well, delicious friends, we’ve all been having fun over the last couple of days with EBZ casting (#ebzcasting on Twitter if you’ve not been following, or on the FB page). Here finally for your perusal and enjoyment are FBG’s own preferred actors for certain characters. Let us know what you think in the comments! Nigel: The […]

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Welcome to Part Two

April 5, 2011 ·

In Summary: Welcome to Part Two. New inventory slots are now live. If you have Dangerous, Persuasive, Shadowy or Watchful qualities of 100+, watch for opportunities to meet the Ambitious Barrister and embark upon your journey to greatness. Ships! Home Comforts! Constant Companions! A few of these are live now, and many more will be […]

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About that Room…

March 16, 2011 ·

The Profile, Journal, Scrapbook and Mantelpiece are now live. Click [Profile] from your Me page, visit any tweeted / Facebooked link, or go to[charactername] . As trailed elsewhere, this is like totally beta, dude. We’ve already spotted some bugs (including, aggravatingly, paging disappearing) which we’re on. Do report bugs to, and please go […]

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A Room of Your Own

March 15, 2011 ·

Echo Bazaar tells stories to its players, but it also encourages its players to tell their own. Some of these are tiny and ephemeral, like the explanation you give yourself for how event x and event y stitch together. Some of these stories are shared and implicit, like the narrative that emerges out of social […]

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