The Clay Highwayman

By Sara Veal, January 12, 2021 · Fallen London

“… you dutifully record what you’ve uncovered, along with even more implausible rumours: That his Beast is Clay at heart, but covered in iron. That he once fell in love – With a Londoner? A tomb-colonist? Another Clay Man? A zee-beast? – and wandered the Zee to find this lover. That everything he says are lines in one long epic poem he’s been composing all his life. That he will die when the poem is finished.:”

Are the rumours too fanciful to be true? The Clay Highwayman and his merry band of Scottish bandits are afoot. If you have been investigating the Clay Highwayman, he may have taken notice of you; be careful that you don’t let Banditry in the Upper River rise too high… 

Next week, players will be able to open the new station at Moulin, and visit the very battlefields where London fought Hell and lost.



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Sara Veal Jan 27, 5:16pm

We do read - but yes, best to ask Discord for speedy responses.

Vael Victus Jan 13, 1:43pm

Does Failbetter even read the comment section? Best to ask Discord, it seems.

Chris Jan 13, 5:03am

Do we have any clue as to how many stations in total will be part of the great railway?

Vael Victus Jan 12, 7:22pm

Is this two separate pieces of content? Can I encounter the Clay Highwayman now?

Douglas J Goldstein Jan 12, 5:47pm

Are you kidding? We've raided The Masters together--stole carloads of rails--THRICE already! I know him. At least, I think I do.

Thighs Jan 12, 5:06pm

I'm excited for the content next week! I'll be sure to save my board meeting a few days this reset.