The Fallen London wiki is moving!

By Sara Veal, March 16, 2021 · Fallen London

We know the Fallen London wiki is a useful resource for many of our players, so we very much appreciate the work the editors put in to maintaining it. The wiki will soon be moving to a new home, and the editors asked us to share their announcement about it here to help get the word out.  Though the wiki isn’t maintained by or affiliated with us, we’ve offered to cover the server costs of the move as a form of support.

Hey everyone! We wanted to let you know the Fallen London Wiki is currently planning on leaving Fandom. We’d like to explain our decision and our plans here.

We’ve had issues with Fandom for years now, and have long been aware of the perennial complaints within the community about said issues. Over the last 5 months, we’ve been working on a new wiki, with the aim of making the experience better for everyone. Excitingly, Failbetter have agreed to help with this by covering the full hosting costs.

We’ll be providing more information about this very soon, but in the meantime, you can read our thread on the wiki for a more in-depth explanation and ask questions in our new wiki Discord.

If you’d like to play around with the new wiki, it’s accessible at Be aware – it’s not perfectly in sync with the Fandom wiki, and any edits made will likely be erased before official launch. We are planning to officially launch (with up to date content) in the next week or so.

We appreciate any and all feedback; it can be submitted either in the #wiki-feedback channel on the wiki Discord or using this form. Bear in mind, although we’ve made every effort to fortify the wiki ahead of launch, things may not be completely stable at the moment. If you have any questions, let us know. Thanks!

We’ll post another update once the wiki has moved to its new home.


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The Prescient Organizer Mar 19, 12:47am

Yet another wiki jumping ship, eh? It's amazing how badly Wikia/Fandom is being run these days.

Matthew Cline Mar 16, 9:52pm

Wow, thank you for covering the hosting cost!

ChaoticWyrme Mar 16, 9:13pm

Cool! I'm always excited to see wiki-heavy games like fallen london and runescape host their community wikis.

The Honey-Mazed Agent Mar 16, 8:08pm

Thank you guys for alerting me to this. I'm very glad it is happening.

Tieol Mar 16, 7:54pm

Very glad to hear that Failbetter is helping the wiki cover costs!

gryffinp Mar 16, 3:21pm

I cheer for this change. "Fandom" (i.e. Wikia) has been terrible for its entire lifespan, and the more communities that leave it, the better. Good luck, wiki editors.