The Hurlers

By Sara Veal, April 21, 2021 · Fallen London

“When the Masters bought London, the Hurlers weren’t part of the deal. That’s why the Hurlers are here. If they are.”

It is now possible to lay tracks towards the Hurlers, the latest development in the formation of the Great Hellbound Railway Company.

The Hurlers are giant stones, scattered on an unforgiving landscape. This frozen territory hides secrets forbidden by the stars themselves. No one lives at the Hurlers. Certainly no secretive group dedicated to studying such secrets, and absolutely no goat-demons.

Those who walk into the frozen wastes do not return. Not as they were before. Not alone. Do you dare to travel into the icy unknown?



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ChaoticWyrme Apr 23, 8:28am

Cool! My first time with the latest station when a new one comes out. Sounds like some discordance stuff.

Julien Brightside Apr 22, 9:41am

How can you make a place full of danger and expect people to not go there :p