The Mayoral Election 1897

By Hannah Flynn, July 15, 2019 · Fallen London

A hustings stands in Hastings Square, festooned with bright banners and garish posters. Some depict the twinkly eyes of Mrs Plenty, others the handsome visage of Virginia. Others show the nervous smile of Madame Shoshana.

Three candidates. Three platforms for London’s health and prosperity. One will succeed the Jovial Contrarian to become London’s mayor for a year. Who will have your support? 


election triple


Election is a free festival in Fallen London, open to all players. It begins today, Monday the 15th of July, and ends on the 29th of July, with the winner being announced that afternoon (BST). 


Choose Your Candidate

Use the first week of Election to find out about the candidates and their platforms via The Mayoral Election 1897 hub, and through cards in your Opportunity Deck.  

From Monday the 22nd of July, you’ll be able to cast your vote! 


Choose a Career and increase your Reputation

Whether Campaigner, Fixer or Agitator, your efforts will be required to raise support for your chosen candidate. Advance your Career from the main Election card. At the end of the Election, your combined Election Career level and Notability will be counted towards whichever candidate you chose to support!

This is politics: Reputation is everything. Gain Reputation through the Further your Reputation card in your Opportunity Deck. Reputation can be spent to advance your Career, gather information on the three candidates, and to acquire useful items.

Calling in Favours can also increase your Reputation, and each Career type can call on different factions:


Campaigner: Society, Bohemian, Hell, Constables, Church, Great Game

Fixer: Society, Hell, Urchins, Tomb-Colonists, Revolutionaries, Great Game

Agitator: Rubbery Men, Bohemians, Criminals, Urchins, Docks, Revolutionaries


The Outcome

Mr Huffam of the Unexpurgated Gazette (London’s newspaper of note) will be polling the populace throughout, and releasing the results periodically via the main Election card.

On the 29th of July, Mr Huffam will announce which candidate has been successful!

The elected Mayor will serve for one year, and their Mayoral influence will be felt in your Opportunity Deck until next year’s Election. So, investigate all of their platforms vigorously!

May the best woman win!

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