The Mysterious and Indistinct Art of Pronouns: Revisited

By Failbetter, June 10, 2016 · Fallen London

In March we announced some changes to Fallen London’s gender options. Fallen London is known for its ‘mysterious and indistinct’ third gender option and we wanted to improve upon it, adding some of what we learnt from the system we used in Sunless Sea.


In March, we explained the following changes would take place:

  • ‘Si-, er, Mad-, er, yes’ would be replaced
  • The game would get out of the way of your character’s gender, and take the Sunless Sea approach of asking for your preferred form of address
  • We would add new titles (some of which would be unlockable, depending on profession and other factors)
  • As with the recent Making Your Name changes, established players would be given an option to choose a new preferred form of address
  • The character sign-up screen would be the same, and players taking the third option would still be a Person of Mysterious and Indistinct Gender on their profile.

The changes were met with mixed feelings and opinions – understandably, as gender expression is a highly personal matter. Some players appreciated language that reflected acceptance, rather than confusion; others felt that the change restricted them and how they wanted to play the game. Many hoped that ‘Si-, er, Mad-, er, yes’ would remain, as they had grown very fond of it, and built their character with it in mind.

Having had the chance to see how the changes impacted on the game, and factoring in your feedback, we’ve made a few tweaks.

We have added ‘Si-, er, Mad-, er, yes’ as an option for how your character is addressed. This is available to all characters, regardless of gender. If players wish to choose this (or a different title), they will find the option on ‘The Roof-Tops: Urchins’ Opportunity Card.

In addition to that, to allow greater self-expression, players can choose any avatar cameo during character creation, regardless of gender.

Some of the changes temporarily removed ‘Individual of Mysterious and Indistinct Gender’ from the ‘Profile’ and the ‘Myself’ pages within the game. This was unintended – and it should now have reappeared.

Once again, thank you for all your thoughts and feedback, it means a great deal to us. We’re always listening – any further feedback can be sent to As always, we hope that any changes made will only enhance your experience of Fallen London!


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Faey Jun 11, 11:58am

Despite all these wonderful changes, there is no option to change which gender shows on ones profile (or if there is, not one without spending Fate). Especially with the unlinking of cameo, gender, and pronouns, a means to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Augusto M Pinto Jun 10, 7:48pm

Bloody awesome! That's exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks FailBetter Team!

folklore Jun 10, 7:17pm

Wasn't bothered by it before, and found fallen london's mysterious of what people/creatures are rather refreshing. I still do, and am happily addressed as Deacon now.

Daekie Jun 10, 12:28pm

'In addition to that, to allow greater self-expression, players can choose any avatar cameo during character creation, regardless of gender.' Could this be extended to changing your cameo in-game? Perhaps the Mask of Mr Veils includes all cameos regardless of gender, buta page from the Liber Visionis only provides cameos from the gender you're registered under.

Jeremy Saklad Jun 10, 11:20am

That’s a very clever solution.

Ella Spire Jun 10, 10:55am

Thank you for doing this, much appreciated.

StormKoala Jun 10, 10:48am

Thank you. It is always lovely to see a company going to such lengths to be inclusive.

Hazel Jun 10, 10:41am

Yes, this definitely looks promising.