The Parabolan War

By Stuart Young, March 25, 2021 · Fallen London

“Parabola shifts. Alignments crumble. London enters the fray. Too far in to turn back. An invitation therefore. To one who has wandered deep in Parabola. War comes. Will you take up arms?”

A final rumble of thunder and you are soaked with rain. The sky clears. The storm departs, its invitation delivered.

Following the Election of the Viscountess of the Viric Jungle to the post of Lord Mayor, London has caught the attention of the competing powers of Parabola. War marches upon London’s dreams and old bargains return to haunt the dreamers. In the Is-Not, ancient powers conspire and extend their reach through the glass.

Players who have established a Base-Camp in Parabola will find themselves invited to take part in the Parabolan wars. Look for a storm in your Camp to begin…

Participating will allow you to establish a Grand Parabolan Company of your own, complete with cavalry, infantry, grenadiers, and, of course, munitions. You will also find a variety of Parabolan figures looking to advise you, or to enlist you in their pet cause.

With your Company you’ll be able to participate in a variety of campaigns, exploring the histories and allegiances of several major Parabolan factions and key figures. You’ll be able to explore different sides in the War without consequence and for your own reasons, but do be careful your reflection doesn’t get ideas of its own…

As your experience in the wars grows, you’ll unlock new campaigns, germinate Generals who can provide additional opportunities, and expand the theatre of war beyond Parabola, into London itself. You’ll also be able to experience Parabola responding to your actions, opening new opportunities depending on your allegiance, your choices during a campaign and the care (or lack thereof) you display when prosecuting a war.

The Parabolan Wars will also provide opportunities for you to increase your Dangerous and Shadowy Gains, to a maximum of Dangerous and Shadowy of 230.

Finally, we’ve introduced some changes to traversal in Parabola itself, removing action costs from moving within Parabola. We’ve also revised the Waswood to provide a smoother experience while navigating its waters.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new content added to Parabola, and invite you to join the wars to come…


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Jade Tan Apr 4, 12:55pm

Frankly, the whole thing is a confounded nuisance. Still, I'm willing to fight to make this world a better place. For me.

Letifer Apr 1, 9:19am

Call me in

Ariadne Stardust Mar 29, 7:49am

A cause worthy of a diversion from pursuing my Ambition! Let our glorious Mayor lead us to victory! Let the nightmare-peddling snakes fall!

Grungy Dude Mar 28, 8:19pm

Blister me black! 'Dem findin' der way 'ere been dingin long enuf.

Ms. Whimsy Mar 28, 2:25am

Oh, dear me. And here I thought the beastly little games of war that the urchins play above the bookshop was ghastly enough. I'll be... ah, holding my Parabolan Kitten very, very close during this... should I find some part for myself, I do assure you, it will be one of... support. I'm no soldier. I'm a scholar. Good heavens on high.

Vorwoda Hawksby Mar 27, 2:12am

Life and Reality to the Fingerkings! Death to the Meddling Mayor! Rise, Powers of the Is Not, and help destroy the Masters and their minions once and for all! Free London from the tyranny of bats and cats! *Catches breath with a calming brandy and soda at the Club* Ahem. Jolly good show, Failbetter. Carry on.

Villads Mar 26, 11:07pm

My rubbery dragon and I are off to fight Fingerkings in the Is-Not-Yet-Is! Here's to hoping this doesn't cost me oceans worth of Cellars of Wine again...

George Neamu Mar 26, 8:05am

"Finally, we’ve introduced some changes to traversal in Parabola itself, removing action costs from moving within Parabola. We’ve also revised the Waswood to provide a smoother experience while navigating its waters." You have no idea how happy I am about this.

Gaven Ello Mar 26, 1:03am

It seems I will have to get a base in Parabola as soon as possible! I'm still new to the site, so I'm sure it'll be a while before I get there... ^^;

M Mar 25, 11:22pm

All this for little us, and it's not even my birthday! Pleased as Punch, Failbetter. Happy as a cat full of sixpences.

James Sinclair Mar 25, 8:56pm

This is fantastic news -- Failbetter is really knocking it out of the park lately with all of the new content: the railway stations, exceptional stories, and now parabola! Very exciting.

SomeGuy411 Mar 25, 5:13pm

As a long time fan of parabola content, and one that literally spent years waiting on the basecamp to be open, you have no idea how giddy I am to see this

Gentlo01 Mar 25, 5:05pm

RALLY. PEOPLE OF LONDON, RALLY!! Defend the borders of your mind! Defy the great powers of the Is-Not!! Stand paw to paw with the mayor!! WE SHALL REBUILD THE EMPIRE OF OURS DREAMS!!!!

Panicked Fox Mar 25, 4:50pm

I am extremely excited. I've wanted to learn more about the Finger Kings for a long while now from sources other than their sworn enemies. Besides, as feline as foxes seem, I'm still a canine at heart.