The Pirate Poet and the Cladery Heir: Now available to all players, for free!

By Hannah Flynn, January 31, 2017 · iOS Sunless Sea Sunless Skies

As of today’s Sunless Sea update, the Pirate Poet and Cladery Heir are available to all players as part of the base game, and free of charge!

We consulted with our Kickstarter backers before Christmas and they have graciously said that the more people can play all of the content, the better. Please thank them, their backing made this happen!

The Pirate Poet
Captains, beware! The Pirate-Poet now zails the zee, seeking a worthy rival. The pirates of Gaider’s Mourn tell many stories of this clay corsair. Can you be the one to finally best her?

The Cladery Heir
A surgeon of such skill that she can amputate flaws of character and excise unwanted foibles…

The Cladery Heir is a new officer with her own storyline – during which you can acquire a new ship, the Cladery Heart. She can be picked up at Fallen London when you have ‘A New Recruit’ at 1 or more.

Sunless Skies Kickstarter: TOMORROW!

Talking of Kickstarter, hopefully you’ll be well aware that the campaign to fund Sunless Sea’s sequel is beginning tomorrow at 16:00 GMT.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Kickstarter page, so you can scope the rewards before anyone else!

We’re so excited to know what you think about the campaign and the glimpses of our work on the new game. The Kickstarter ends at 1900 GMT on 3 March, so don’t miss out!

Our podcast begins!

We’ve started a live podcast on Twitch! So far there have been two episodes:

Ep 1 on Twitch: Game design with Liam Welton
Ep 2 on Twitch: Game art and Sunless Skies sneak peeks with Paul Arendt

Ep 3 will be live at on Friday 3 February, 16:00 GMT

Sunless Sea on iOS

As if all of that wasn’t enough, we’ll be releasing Sunless Sea on iOS this spring.

This is the full version of the base game with all content updates, reworked for a touch interface. (It does not include Zubmariner.)

Follow us on @failbettergames to ensure you hear about the release!


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Trey Jan 28, 12:42pm

How fortunate, that you decided to release these two before I decided to begin playing Sunless Sea. I happened to get the Cladery Heir in my first run of the game, and I've really enjoyed her character. The little I've seen so far of her storyline was... Interesting. Her character was the first to really grab my interest in this game and remind me of the potential there was in SS's stories I'd seen back when I played Fallen London.

Wistful deviless Dec 25, 2:01pm

Zubmariner for Ios please

Martin Beck Feb 1, 8:21pm

Will you release the Parabolan Panther for non-backers too?

Jack Feb 1, 8:48am


Allessindra Kedricks Feb 1, 6:09am

Do you have any plans to bring it to Android? My desktop is only able to deal with browsers and such, not real games, but I've got a smartphone!

Cristi Damian Jan 31, 12:41pm

Please think about Android as well. I would love to be able to take Sunless Sea everywhere. It would make those 4 hour train trips shorter. :)