Updates to the Pickpocket’s Promenade

By Bruno Dias, September 16, 2021 ·

The Crowds of Spite have long been popular with players in concept. But the need to spend opportunity card draws, combined with the low value of the rewards, made it so they passed out of relevance for most players too quickly. Today we’re releasing a small update that aims to address this and extend the utility of that activity into the midgame:

  • The Crowds of Spite are now an infinite draw zone; your lodgings still determine the size of your hand.
  • The amount of pickpocket’s trophies you gain now scales according to your unmodified Shadowy, up to about 200.
  • Some of the lower-end options for trading in trophies have been fixed so that they value trophies equally to others.
  • There are new options to trade in 60 or 70 trophies for rewards.
  • Entering the Crowds of Spite no longer costs 4 actions.
  • A new, longer route makes it easier to obtain a wider variety of rewards.
  • Three new cards can appear when pickpocketing on this new route.


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VeryPeeved Sep 20, 12:44am

you know, i don't think i've ever once stepped foot in the promenade in my whole time playing.

Peter Sep 17, 7:46am

Great update! Did my first full loop in the new section and will be returning for more. Thanks!