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By Failbetter, June 11, 2014 · General Update Sunless Sea Tagged with

This is mostly bug fixes from the last patch – but there are a couple of new features that we’d love your feedback on before the Early Access launch next week.

Combat UI

  • is now much more attractive.

Scroll Wheel

  • …now works on the log and on the storylet interface. We’ve disabled scroll-zoom while we try out various UX subtleties, but we think it’s a small price to pay.

Save Modes

  • Sunless Sea now has an Unforgiving and a Merciful mode. What they do is explained in the game… but the explanation needs to be better. Before we tuned it, we were interested in what exactly came across as confusing.

Content Download

  • is now better optimised. We saw some issues on the Mac in testing with the new version, so do email us with details if you see anything similar! 

Notable Bug fixes

  • That all-choices-visible issue should now be sorted.
  • Steering should behave itself
  • Speed reduction and terrible loneliness now kick in below, not at, 50% and 25% crew

NB also these content updates .

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