Watchful Gains, the Grizzled Veteran, and Your Very Own Hellworm

By Bruno Dias, August 10, 2021 · Fallen London

Today, we are releasing some smaller updates to Fallen London.

At last, it is now possible to raise your Watchful cap to 230, bringing it in line with the other main attributes. We delayed this to give this bun enough time in the oven and allow the story of [redacted]’s [redacted] to come to a satisfying conclusion. If you have already raised your Watchful cap to 218, you can pick up the story thread with a new experiment in your Laboratory. If you’re not sure where you are with Watchful Gains, the new Grizzled Veteran can help you.

The Grizzled Veteran, already available since last week, is a new character that can be found at your Lodgings once you have obtained a Person of Some Importance specialization. He’s intended to help you find some late-game stories, from starting a Railway to raising your attribute caps to learning advanced skills.

Finally, one last treat for the players who already have it all: You can now purchase a Hellworm of your very own, for the low, low price of 200,000 Hinterland Scrip. We’ve meant to add a new big-ticket item for very advanced players to work towards, one that would tie into the Upper River and Hinterland Scrip economy. While the Hellworm’s inherent attribute enhancement may seem underwhelming at first, there is more to it than meets the eye… specifically, there is an opportunity card that can be found as long as you have one equipped.


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Appeased Orchard Aug 12, 8:51pm

@Angrier Orchard Fair enough. You as disappointed about metempsychosis as I am? Guess I’ll just keep creating new characters willy-nilly. Ah, noobs will be noobs. If they spend any time on the forums they’ll learn about the need to hoard soon enough. W230 is likely intended to be post railway anyway, given the costs associated with Furnace’s storyline. They’re warning enough that other colors will be useful for when you have hyper-specific needs for powerful reagents. It really would suck to not have that, I can be very impatient. And I guess it’s a good way to get people to p2w, but not an especially sporting one. @douglas it’s not that far. I’ll be honest, I’d spent too much time there already, grinding lightbulbs for emetic revelations for the tasting poisons. Which I find out are high-value non-equippable. Kind of thought it’d be KataTox. More like the endgame of studying toxicology in the first place, as it turns out.

Douglas Aug 11, 2:15pm

First of all, the violant box was harder for ME to obtain, because it seems to only be used in [spoilers], which can only be gotten very far from the lab. Second: Hellworm or Cider? Hellworm or Cider? Hams or no hams? I still am not sure.

Angrier Orchard Aug 11, 8:33am

@Angry Orchard It's hardly reasonable to compare highway stat gains to anything like a heptagoat, or cider. In the future, newer players who get to this point will likely have had constant goals to work towards, without the time for excessive hoarding along the way. I will say, however, that I purposely made sure to pick up another irrigo box after Marigold, to avoid being delayed by weekly searches in a situation like this (which I imagine would not be a very fun situation).

Angry Orchard Aug 10, 10:34pm

@Panicked Fox It is intended to be endgame content, no? Who has made it this far without succumbing to a near psychotic acquisitiveness? For no especially urgent reason, I acquired 7 of each neathbow box (fine, I’m still working on Gant and now I need more irrigo). Some of our even more insane fellow londoners have a heptagoat (or two) or more than one cider. I vaguely remember someone wanting to grind (and I earnestly hope giving up on) 7,777,777 of every item tier 7 and below. It is what it is. Go forget your worries. The cave of wonders calls to you.

Panicked Fox Aug 10, 9:16pm

I'm not overly fond of something like this requiring an Irrigo Box. It's not a great feeling to know that you're expected to have something for the advancement of the main story, but the only way to get it is to get the correct card that you've only got a maximum of 14 chances to get per week (5 opening hand, and each card gives you at least 1 Irrigo, up to a maximum of 10, and you start with one. If you only have cards that give you two, then there's fewer than 14 chances, assuming you looked up what each gives and don't stumble into a 3 or more gain by accident). And as far as I'm aware, the only way to get rid of Irrigo early is Magnificent Feasts, which I don't even know how to get more of, Fate Locked or more. I will say, if the Irrigo Box unlocked a shorter or more interesting or more profitable or in some way optional thing, I'd be absolutely on board. My problem is that this is completely locking out a Gains of one of the main stats, and that's not even mentioning the fairly minor complaint of forcing players to do a stat lowering activity to gain access to something that requires a maxed out stat. If the Watchful increases past 200 were how they used to be, that would be a problem, but this is just kind of an oddity in the grind, so that's fine, if confusing.

Smarms McDittle Aug 10, 11:24am

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