We’re Hiring! Junior Editor (Part Time)

By Hannah Flynn, September 21, 2021 · Failbetter Jobs

We’re Failbetter Games, makers of Sunless Skies, Sunless Sea and Fallen London. We’re known for inventive narrative design and rich, atmospheric storytelling.

We’re looking for a part-time Junior Editor for our game Fallen London, working around 21 hours a week with flexible scheduling – we can adjust the exact number of hours based on your needs, so long as it falls in the same vicinity.

Duties of this role include:

  • Editing written work for typos, clarity, and style
  • Play-testing Fallen London stories
  • Resolving reported bugs in Fallen London content
  • Responding to player support requests

This is an entry-level position and does not require prior work experience in the game industry, though it will require some existing familiarity as a player with Fallen London. As a flexible part-time position, we anticipate it may be particularly suitable for someone with other commitments such as part-time education, voluntary work, or family care responsibilities.

What an Editor Does Here

Proofreading and corrections. Every month, we release several new stories for Fallen London, written by our in-house writing team or by external freelancers.

The editor proofreads the draft content for typos, grammatical errors, violations of our style guide, and any text that feels clunky or confusing. They’re also encouraged to flag departures from established lore, places where the text might read as supporting harmful stereotypes or prejudices, or other more subjective issues.

The editor also playtests new stories and reports any bugs they encounter that disrupt the flow of the story.

Player support. The editor’s second major duty is to help provide player support. This person reviews support tickets received from players, diagnoses and resolves problems, records feedback for later review by the whole team, and answers player emails. This sometimes requires a bit of mystery-solving to dive into the game content and discover what exactly has gone wrong.

Other members of the writing team also share in support, editing, and playtesting tasks. Our new editor will add to our capacity, but will not be on their own.

What We Can Offer

Failbetter is committed to offering employees a safe, respectful environment, a healthy work-life balance, and transparent decision-making. We make our games without crunch and enthusiastically eliminate systemic sources of overtime. We don’t talk over one another in meetings, and we don’t expect all our employees to share the same hobbies and cultural referents. We have won’s Best Places to Work award multiple times, most recently in 2021.

Our junior editor will be joining a very experienced and highly collegial writing team. We listen seriously to input from junior members of the team; we also love to share our knowledge and we do our best to help one another grow professionally.

Further benefits of working here include:

  • Employer pension contributions
  • 20 days of paid annual holiday allowance (pro rata, so the amount will be slightly different if you work more or less than 21 hours a week)
  • Free games from our friends in the industry
  • Optional multiplayer gaming and lunch-time virtual hangouts
  • Remote work
  • Flexible hours

In terms of hours, we will need our editor to

  • overlap with the rest of the team’s core hours (M-Th, 11 AM to 4 PM) for at least a few hours a week, to enable team communication
  • keep on top of support tickets without gaps of more than two days: doing all the work on Mondays and Tuesdays and then being absent for the rest of the week would not be a good fit, for instance

Within those limits, we can be very flexible about exactly when you’re working. If you have specific questions about what might work for you, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Pay will be prorated against a £27,000 full time salary, which comes to £16,200 for someone working 21 hours a week.

Our studio has worked entirely remotely since the start of the pandemic, and we have no current plans to resume office work in the future. Our editor will be welcome to work from anywhere in the UK. (For this particular position, we will unfortunately not be able to sponsor a visa or work with someone based overseas, for administrative reasons.)

Requirements (and Non-Essential Extras)

You don’t need a particular degree, or an arbitrary number of years’ experience or shipped titles to work for us. As long as you’re able to do the job well and can demonstrate that in your application, we’d love to hear from you.

We need you to have:

  • Familiarity with Fallen London
  • Comfort using Slack, Zoom, Google docs, and spreadsheets
  • Willingness to be trained in the tools we use to build interactive narrative
  • Good written English, and the ability to edit prose to conform to a UK style guide
  • UK residency and a right to work here

If you have a life experience or perspective that is not typically represented in video games, please feel free to tell us about that in your application as well. We are always eager to bring new perspectives into our writing team.

How to apply

Contact us at by 15 October 2021, including all of the following:

  • The role you’re applying for, in the subject line of your email.
  • A cover letter in the body of your email. Please use this to let us know what makes you a good fit for the position and why it interests you.
  • A summary of any relevant experience, be it in work, education or volunteering. This can be a CV, but you’re welcome to just append a less formal summary to your cover letter if that would be more convenient.

Also, if you’re unsure whether to apply, we’ll be happy to answer questions – please email us at the above address.


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Catnip Oct 14, 8:45pm

This seems right up my street and I definitely want to apply — but I do hope that 'by 15 October' means by end of play that day, as I've only just seen this!

Hannah Flynn Sep 30, 5:48pm

We want to avoid gaps of more than two days, so for example a student could do a few hours across the week around their class timetable in shifts of less than seven hours, including a weekend shift if that's their preference, but if the successful applicant would rather work three seven-hour shifts, that would indeed work out as three shifts on/off/on/off/on, with two days off as a weekend (wherever they'd like to place that 'weekend' depending on their availability).

Hannah Flynn Sep 30, 5:41pm

Hello! Forgive the length, I figure others might have similar thoughts and I want to be thorough. :) Recently, a senior member of staff who had significant responsibility in writing, narrative design, editing and freelancer management moved to a new role elsewhere. That's the Writer and Editor salary listed on Glassdoor. We felt this was a great opportunity to make room for a junior role, something we can't offer very often because we're a relatively small business. The duties previously covered by one person were partly accepted by other members of the team who were ready for more responsibility, and partly will be undertaken by this, more junior position. If our narrative and design needs increase in future, we'd expect to advertise another role. In short, the responsibilities for this position are very far from equivalent to the role listed on Glassdoor. Regarding our previous practice of Minimum Decent Salary: this is something we did for a couple of years, until it became obvious that it was having negative effects overall. For a period, everyone, including the most junior employees, was paid a minimum of £32,000 a year. On the surface it seems radically generous, but in practice it meant that junior staff couldn't comfortably move on to decently paid roles elsewhere even when they were ready to. This wasn't always good for their careers, since as a small studio we don't always have a suitable vacancy available internally. For now, our salaries are all based on our best estimates of London wage medians for similar roles (though we're currently fully remote). We have promoted two members of staff in the last year. Also relevant: we pay London Living Wage to our interns, regardless of where they're based. I hope this clarifies things!

Wordler Sep 22, 9:46am


Wordler Sep 22, 9:46am

Also I think the schedule you mention - two day gaps - means that it must be seven hours on Monday, on Wednesday and then on Friday, unless one works at a weekend? Did I misundersstand?

Wordler Sep 22, 9:44am

Hello, I'm interested, but I just looked at the Failbetter Games Glassdoor, and the salary for an editor is listed as £42,000 for your previous editor. Replacing a senior role with a junior part-time role at a much lower salary is a worrying sign. Can you say something reassuring? Also any information on the 'Minimum Decent Wage' mentioned on the page?,27.htm

Thighs Sep 21, 2:00pm

Sounds like a really exciting opportunity, I'll be sure to send an application in for your consideration!