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By Failbetter, June 1, 2013 · Comics

Failbetter is releasing a short, self-contained comic story, two pages at a time, over the course of this week. It’s written by Chris Gardiner and illustrated by me, Paul Arendt.

This is an highly experimental project, and we need YOUR feedback. If you like what you see, please: share it with your friends. Tell everyone you know. The more attention this gets, the more chance we have of creating some more!

If you’re new to Fallen London… Hello, delicious stranger! Fallen London is an award-winning browser game set in a dark and hilarious Victorian underworld. It’s stuffed with devils, talking cats, rubbery men and opportunities for misbehaviour. Want to play? Just click here and sign up. It’s free.

Got questions or feedback? Just use the comments below! I’m here all week.

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