Zubmariner May Update

By Hannah Flynn, May 12, 2016 · Events Zubmariner

Hello and welcome to your update for May! We’re working on a new zee-beast, looking at the different ways the environment will help or hinder you beneath the Zee, and offering a taste of the Zumbarine acquisition story. Plus, if you’re in London, come and meet team FBG at MCM Comic Con!

Text resizing will be introduced for Zubmariner (and in Sunless Sea)

If you’ve been following Sunless Sea, you’ll know that we had some real trouble working with text in Unity 4. We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes to move Sunless Sea into Unity 5, which has enabled us to work on a new user interface.

This new UI, which will be applied to both the base game and the Zubmariner expansion, will allow you to resize both the text itself and the Gazetteer. You won’t need to own Zubmariner to get the update, it’ll apply to Sunless Sea too.

An Agreement  About Nothing Of Consequence

London, the Presbyterate, the Khanate, Khan’s Shadow, the New Sequence and even the Iron Republic have all concluded that there’s nothing of any importance under the Zee, and they’ve all agreed to leave it well alone. That means the places below the waves are off limits to you, too.

A benefactor approaches you with an urgent request to help her find something she’s lost. She has the resources to help you build a Zubmarine shell in secret, if you can find the parts.

There is nothing of any importance under the Zee, says The Agreement. If that’s true, why is it enforced so vigorously? Could it hurt to find out for yourself?

Breathe any easier?

Oxygen is precious, under the Zee. You’ll have a limited supply, but passing over an oasis will halt the depletion, and give you some supplies.


Some oases will be surrounded by snarls of witherweed – which will cause damage to your hull. How much do you need the oxygen?

A New Zee-Beast: The Neither

A swift, dark, serpentine thing with wriggling cilia. A moray-millipede.


Meet Team FBG at MCM Comic Con in London

If you’re planning to come to MCM Comic Con London  at the end of the month, some of Failbetter will be there in the indie game area, showing the iOS version of Fallen London and giving away event-exclusive goodies (badges, t-shirts and playing cards!).


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The Coughing Gent Jun 11, 8:47pm

Reading and writing tend to aid in reading and writing Frost. Just consume equal parts Steampunk and Lovecraftian horror.

Frost Jun 4, 3:37am

Do you have any tips for honing or practicing that Gothic Victorian diction? I've been adapting it for a steampunk prologue to a novel that leads into a diesel-punk detective/adventure.

Ihavefallenandicantgetup May 31, 12:46pm

Will this be available for an early access preorder thing? Would love to be able to play this early despite it being in an early state.