Adding to Atmosphere: VEGA

January 17, 2018 · Sunless Skies

You may have noticed these past few sprint blogs that we’ve been changing the format a bit, as we add many large features into the game. We’ve also recently restructured our production process and in 2018 we’ll be handling these blogs and our FBG Podcasts a little differently! Instead of posting a development blog and […]

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Improving Exploration: TEKTITE

December 20, 2017 · Sunless Skies

With the recent revamp of the proc gen system becoming available within the game to all, our focus this week has been to add some finishing touches to exploration in the Reach. Final touches and testing are being completed for Discoveries & Spectacles, which we hope to bring into the game soon. Additionally, the update […]

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Onward, to Albion: SUPERCLUSTER

December 6, 2017 · Sunless Skies

Now that the new proc gen system is accessible in Early Access via branch, the team has been busy QAing and bug fixing the Prospects and Bargains system, which is due into the game before the end of the year. Alongside that, Art, Content and Tech have continued their work on various tasks for our […]

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Sunless Skies: Patch Notes

November 29, 2017 · Patch Notes Sunless Skies

Build Version: Release Date: 29/11/2017   What’s New The following updates and fixes are for the new proc gen branch only. To access it follow these steps: Steam only Open the Steam client Go to your Library and right-click on Sunless Skies Select Properties Select the Betas tab Enter the following password into the […]

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New Procedural Generation System Live

November 29, 2017 · Sunless Skies

We are delighted to announce that the new procedural generation system, discussed in the QUINTESSENCE blog, is now available for Steam and GOG users. The new proc gen system addresses player feedback we’ve received about Sunless Skies feeling empty, as well as solving some tricky technical and design issues on our side. Its segment-based design […]

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Trade in the Skies: ROCHE LIMIT

November 22, 2017 · Sunless Skies

The new trade system we’re introducing in December to Sunless Skies will be an extensive overhaul that ties into storytelling, economy, UI and character progression. There’s a lot to talk about, so we’ve divided this update into three sections: The TL;DR Version: a summary of what to expect Why We’ve Changed Trade: a look into […]

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Sunless Skies: Patch Notes

November 15, 2017 · Patch Notes Sunless Skies

Build Version: Release Date: 15/11/2017 Greetings Sky-Captains, just a quick update to resolve a number of bugs introduced in the last patch, plus a couple of minor quick-fixes and content updates to boot. Updates The Diffident Bat can now be jettisoned. The Diffident Bat is now available to buy at Abraham’s Engineering at New […]

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Shaping the Universe: QUINTESSENCE

November 9, 2017 · Sunless Skies

For this development update, we’re taking a dive into one of the most important systems in Sunless Skies: procedural generation. Your feedback in Early Access has been instrumental in some major changes coming later this month, that will transform the way Sunless Skies feels to play.   AN ENDLESS VOID World building is hugely important […]

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Onward, to Albion: PERIHELION

October 25, 2017 · Sunless Skies

Today is a very exciting update for us (and you!) as today is our first feature update to the game! Once your game updates in Steam/GOG, you’ll be able to explore: Engine Yards, Banks, Legacies and—perhaps most excitingly—Character Creation. These features make up quite large systems within the game, and so we’ve spent this sprint […]

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