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28th October: Blemmigan Profit

- A small update: handing Blemmigans in to London is now more lucrative, to the tune of one book of romantic literature for every two Blemmigans you deposit.


9th June: Lessons

“No one is brown as bone and eyeless as a desert. No one gifts you a secret.”

- Those who have committed the sailor”s sin can learn the sharp lessons of the Chapel of Lights.

27th February 2015: Exaltation

“The traveller is always returning. One who does not is no traveller.”

One more advanced Ambition is now available. It cannot be selected at game start, only found in-game. It touches on certain long-shrouded mysteries – the TRAVELLER RETURNING, a palace in the winter woods, a fierce old pale thing in the dark.

It will cost your captains’ lineage dearly, so complete it only when you’ve savoured all the zee has to offer.

In related news, sunlight-smuggling now has a story function, and a corresponding limit.


23rd February 2015: Meditations

“The clock ticks. The gas-light whickers. Shadows lie quiet.”

– You can now create additional Auxiliary items at a cost of Secrets, once you’ve upgraded your Lodgings.

– Creation of these items allows increase of skills past 150.

– These items replace other costs for the Zong of the Zee – saving on cargo space.

– The purchase price of the Admiralty Special has been reduced.


19th February 2015: KINGDOM

– The hidden Kingdom Ambition is now live. (Find it in game: you don’t need to select it at game start.)

10th February 2015: WE ARE CLAY

They are fitted to an Auxiliary slot. When they are not in use, they will stand, patiently, hands by their sides, flat grey eyes unreadable. One will say, sometimes: ”I LIKE IT WHEN IT IS QUIET.””

– Clay Stokers can be purchased in Polythreme.

– All ships have trade-in prices, and the Corvette is now cheaper.

– A triple clutch of bug fixes for you, delicious friends.


6th February 2015: WELCOME

“He is not a god. He came from the North, where it is too cold for gods, and to the North he will return. If you go North, nothing of you will remain.”

-Content is complete: more free updates coming soon.

-The Unterzee awaits you.

2nd February 2015: Schemes and Dooms

“‘A bell is ringing. It rings now! Do you hear it?” He scratches at his sigil, which has begun to bleed.”

– The Sigil-Ridden Navigator now has a storyline.

– Many more Port Reports can be gathered.

– Many more blemmigans can be planted.

– Numerous and varied bug-fixes.

28th January 2015: Viennoiserie

“We are charting new culinary frontiers, my captain, but the Fathomking presides over the Drowning Feasts. He is accustomed to excess. We must amaze.”

– The Bandaged Poissonier now has a storyline.

– It is possible to visit Vienna, and by so doing, to doom London.

– Neptune’s Harlot haunts the zee-shore.

– Approved Romantic Literature may now be sold in London.

– Snuffers are now a less savage peril.

– Cargo Security now protects against excitable sorrow-spiders.

– Phantasmal Encounters may now be sold in the appropriate market.

– Cargo Security now protects against excitable sorrow-spiders.

– Quartets now require four crew for a concert.


23rd January 2015: Hot, Cold, Hot

“Our poor, departed kin was a fine scholar, and well aged. Leg or breast, by the way?”

– Adam’s Way is now open.

– Frostfound is now open, but do not enter without a specific reason.

– The Tireless Mechanic and the Haunted Doctor now have storylines.

– Maybe’s Daughter and the Genial Magician now have romance options.

– More Strategic Information options are available.

– The game will now pay attention to the number of captains lost.


22nd January 2015: A Transcendent Meaning, or only the earth

“Somewhere in the Second Empire of Hands stands an ivory shrine, established in gratitude. It soon ceases to be visited, and is quickly lost to the weeds…”

– The Empire of Hands is now open, and frankly epic.

– Nuncio is now open, and frankly menacing

– The requirements for Life of Luxury and Zong of the Zee are now more challenging.


17th January 2015: Schemes and Dooms

“Flesh meets membrane. Apertures pulse. The Survivor enfolds you like a tide.”

– Port Carnelian is now available.

– The Campaigner and, for the very adventurous, the Nacreous Survivor are now available for romance. The Mechanic will be available as soon as his storyline opens. (You should at least have dinner with him first.)

– The Helpful Advice storylet is now a sellable book.

– The Box of Very Angry Dream-Snakes is no longer available at Khan’s Shadow, thankfully. But the Milebreaker, which increases fuel efficiency, is.

– The Concealed Compartment is available to smugglers at Gaider’s Mourn.

– The Caminus Yards Avid Suppressor, which prevents engine explosions at Full Power, is available in London.

– More Conversations on Deck may be heard.

14th January 2015: The Long Way Home

“Stone is the kindest of the gods of the zee, but that’s not saying very much.”

– You now have many more options if you run out of fuel; and ‘friendly’ locals will offer you a tow if you’re very close to London.

– One other way of gaining the colour viric is available.

– Miscreants will occasionally steal tempting cargo.

– You can now sell your lodgings.

– A Zeeside Mansion now holds more Heirlooms.

– Supplies can be gathered on Aestival; but the place has its dangers.

– Lose your mind; eat your crew.

12th January 2015: Romance and Disaster

”I always liked you, you know,” she says. ”Back when we was still on the roof-tops.”

– Romance options are now available for the Longshanks Gunner and the Sly Navigator. (More options will arrive later.)

– Romancing an Officer may sometimes cause embarrassment, if you already have a Sweetheart.

– The Scholar will now supply Dread Surmises, though as yet there”s no use for them.

– Admiralty’s Favour can now get you cheap fuel, and the Admiralty will offer a small fuel payment for Port Reports.

– The Blind Bruiser is now a little more generous with provisions.

– Supplies, on the other hand, are now more expensive.

– Each of the starting officers now has a small subquest.

– Shore leave is available at the Chelonate.

– Scions are now persistent between characters, but can be affected by Salt’s Curse.

– The Republic of Murinia will now repair ships; the Cavy Kingdom will now offer you feasts.


9th January 2015: Schemes and Dooms

“”Force is always the answer. My mother wouldn”t tell me. But her other daughters knew her secrets.” The Daughter”s grin is not quite sane.”

– Maybe”s Daughter now has a storyline.

– The Irrepressible Cannoneer now has a storyline.

– Port Carnelian is no longer in Adam’s Way.

– The ports of Wisdom and Kingeater’s Castle have begun to come awake.


Sunday 4th January 2015: the Presbyterate Adventuress

“I’ve got an idea,” she says. “Sorbet and arm-wrestling.”

– The Presbyterate Adventuress now has a storyline.

– Happy New Year!


29th December 2014: Your Father’s Bones

“…His Complexity is watching you. A smile lurks at the corner of his mouth, like an eel in ambush.”

– The Father’s Bones ambition is now open, providing a more story-rich way to win the game.

– Different background choices will give different stories and endings.

– The ambition can be completed now, but will be easier when more content pops.

– The Icarus in Black weapon is now available at the Iron Republic: it is effective, but very expensive, against larger zee-monsters.


16th December 2014: Before the Bones

“Beneath the skin of dreams, behind the faces of mirrors, an orange sun sails in a fervid sky.”

– A number of changes ahead of the release of the Father’s Bones plotline

– You may now advance the Magician’s plotline by finding Irem, rather than waiting for a random event.

Read full patch notes online


12th December 2014: the Salt Lions

She will lean forward and whisper to you: “This is the nature of Irem. It is the beach where history comes to rest.”

– There is now a conclusion to the Salt-Lions story; in fact, six different conclusions, including an Easter-Egg Legacy effect.

8th December 2014: the Last Tour
‘The Operator leans in and whispers: “Honestly, I don’t mind if you bring back a different set entirely. Bandages are very forgiving. But a full dozen, please.”‘

Tomb-colonists: immortal, lethal, decaying, crotchety, shameless, and always hungry. Their holiday is your problem.

- The Last Tour is now available at Venderbight, when you’ve had sufficient dealing with tomb-colonists
– Consequently, you can always find tomb-colonists for… other purposes.
– Salt’s Curse may now fall on your child.

28th November 2014: Scions

“”…return to London as soon as you may,” your sweetheart says.”

– You may now conceive and raise a child, if you have a sweetheart and suitable lodgings.

– If you give your child mementoes of your travel, they may be inspired to follow you to sea…

– If a child follows you to sea, it will unlock the Scion legacy advantage

– balance change: prize ships are more profitable

– balance change: carousing at Wolfstack is possible only once per visit, but is more effective

– bug fix: lifeberg trophies will no longer freeze you in endless timeless stasis

24th November 2014

“In the chilly spaces of the Garden Tower, your contact pleads for a taste. Just for a taste. You give them much more, and their gratitude is boundless.”

  • You can now create Vital Intelligence by using Strategic Information.
  • Provide Vital Intelligence to the Admiral, and you’ll open up access to the Voracious Diplomat and to espionage in the Khanate.
  • A Supremacy mechanic now allows you to influence the future of London – only subtly, but expect this to go further.

18th November 2014

“All visitors must pass, one by one, through a room guarded by a person in the mask of a Moon-Moth…”

  • The isle named Visage is now open, if you are prepared to go masked.
  • The Voracious Diplomat has been retired until he works properly. (Sorry!)
  • Red honey may now be sold in London proper, as well as at the Brass Embassy.

13th November 2014

“Welcome to the Isle of Cats,” the Wide-Eyed Dockmaster says brightly. “Would you like to bribe me not to write down your details in this nice official ledger?”

  • - The Isle of Cats now has content! Unravel a tale of memory, cruelty and desire, with the King’s Claw, the Lady of the Cages, and a mystery from Fallen London’s past…

 12th November 2014

“They tramp up and down your freshly mopped stairwells in their nasty boots.”

  • The Revenue Men and the Ministry of Public Decency will now sometimes intercept you when you return to London.
  • It’s no longer possible to ferry large quantities of tomb-colonists north from London; but ferrying one will be much more rewarding.
  • It’s now possible to survive the waters of Adam’s Way, though it’s still a daft idea to try.
  • The Soothe & Cooper Long-Box can be gained by other means, and will no longer give a completely bewildering message when gained.

7th November 2014

“The Fisher of Dawn finds treasures.”

  • There are now more markets and available goods. More markets will pop as ports continue to appear.
  • A small but vexing bug at the Wreck of the Nocturne has been fixed.
  • Damage for Full Power! has been increased proportionately, but will never destroy the ship outright.

30th October 2014

“Eyeless Weavers and Widows busy themselves tending to the spiders and their Tree of Seasons. You will be Summoned.”

  • You may now risk an audience with the sorrow-spiders of Saviour’s Rocks, and learn the secrets of the Tree of Seasons.

24th July 2014

“You want more blemmigan? We have more blemmigan. Many, many blemmigan. Always more blemmigan.”

  • The First Curator of Venderbight will entertain visitors. [This is a substantial scavenger hunt with rewards.]
  • Eyeless Skulls may now be equipped as Mascots.
  • Once again, the Brass Embassy will pay better for souls for the open market.
  • New events in some ports.
  • Choosing not to get a Tattoo now reduces Terror to zero.
  • You may now visit the Uttershroom.
  • Secure Storage for your hold is now available at the Iron & Misery Company.
  • Clay Men may be transported from Polythreme.


5th July 2014

“The Starved Men lived there,” one says reluctantly. “They’re all dead of course, but you still wouldn’t want to meet them.”

  • The Shattered Citadel is now available for exploration at Godfall.
  • Numerous bug fixes and tweaks: the Montaigne Projector now casts light, not darkness.
  • A tic in our publishing mechanism meant some of you downloaded old story content – sorry! this is fixed in this update.

26th June 2014

‘A lone rat in an apron polishes the counter. “Ships? Ships is out the back. You wanna croissant?”‘

  • The bread shop which temporarily replaced the Iron & Misery Company has been restored to its proper place.
  • Other ports and shops have gone live.
  • Another combat rebalance! Most combat abilities are now less random in their effects.
  • You may now Observe an enemy in combat, to gain Observations. Ten Observations at the end of the fight will glean you something. [This is an early implementation.]
  • The Comatose Ferret is less comatose at certain times.

23rd June 2014

‘What dreams may cling?’

  • Home soothes the fears of the zee. If your Terror is greater than 50 when you return to London after spending some time at zee, it’s reduced to 50. However, if it was very high, you may suffer Recurring Nightmares later. (There is currently only one Nightmare in play while we test the mechanism.)
  • Lucky captains who run out of Fuel may be able to repurpose Supplies.
  • A great many ships and beasties have become easier to fight: this is a work in progress. Expect many more changes in various directions.
  • Crew now returns after prize money is claimed (if you have insufficient Quarters, you’re out of luck).
  • The Parabolan Panther is available to suitably endowed Kickstarter backers, and the Parabolan Kitten to those who’ve received a Kitten from Panther-owning friends.

20th June 2014

‘”We are not the messenger but the message,” Lily intones.’

  • An imaginary officer can sometimes be recruited when Terror is 75+;
  • After a couple of voyages, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a tattoo;
  • You may now suffer and heal Wounds. Too many Wounds will kill you.
  • Terror events are rarer, more varied, present more choices, and do not generally themselves increase Terror.
  • Defeating a Mutiny now gives a very substantial terror reduction.
  • Hunter’s Keep now gives more effective Terror reductions (and a little longer will pass before certain terrible events).
  • When your engine explodes due to overfuelling, very occasionally something extraordinary will happen instead.

18th June 2014

‘[Captain Ahab] has employed a Pneumatic Rat DeliWHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ‘

  • Zee-beasts’ teeth have been a little blunted, though enemy ships remain as dangerous;
  • The Pneumatic Ratsender is now available in Caminus Yards in London, allowing more effective combat repairs;
  • All player ships now enjoy a bonus to Hull. They also apply ability modifiers, for good and sometimes ill (except the starting ship);
  • Visits to the Surface now apply a more dramatic Terror reduction, thanks to the warmth of the Sun. They remain very chancy;
  • Khaganian sewers no longer reduce Terror;
  • Numerous fixes for minor and sometimes aggravating bugs.

11th June 2014

  • There’s a new system for returning to London that allows possible multiple events, rather than limiting you to one.
  • Flensing Salvoes can now be used against crewed ships (finally, whoops!).
  • New characters start with an Invictus Token (a reward that you keep if you stick with Unforgiving Mode).
  • Pigmote Isle is now live.
  • Numerous bug fixes – thanks to all of you who reported content bugs!

7th June 2014

  • In Fallen London, on the web, you may find an Opportunity Card at Wolfstack Docks that unlocks a new option in Sunless Sea.
  • You may now visit the Surface via the Cumaean Canal, although you”ll probably regret it.
  • The Scarred Sister has another alternative ending.
  • Maybe”s Daughter now increases Engine Power when serving


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